Rescue Journal

good day

Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2008

i took missy in for her euth. we did not end up doing it, colleen said she would be on call tomorrow and we thought maybe we could try an appetite stimulant just in case. chances are at 19 yrs of age, there is a reason why she is not eating even if we can't find it...but maybe not. i was game to try so here we go.

bond has turned the corner...he is much better today. colleen added a third antibiotic and that seems to have helped alot. he will stay in a few more days to see how he does and maybe, just maybe, bond will be coming home again.

we had some great visitors, 11 yr old melissa came for another visit and this time she brought her friend maddy too...they dragged dad along cuz they can't drive yet so he shovelled out the lower part of the driveway where there weren't a bunch of cars. i really like melissa, she gets really excited about saints. she and maddy are currently working on another school project, a contest to raise donations for the crippled crew. muffin is her very favorite but she liked sanjaya alot too. apparently she is writing another report and she said it is about her hero at saints and i said i hoped she was talking about muffin and not someone else. but i did let her take my picture which i really try hard to avoid, but the enthusuasim of people like melissa and maddy is really something special so i did not complain too much. i like melissa's mom and dad alot too cuz they support her in doing great things (plus i enjoyed swapping cardiac arrest/CPR stories cuz he is a volunteer fireman too.)

tammy spoiled her beloved phoebe and mo had dexter with her in the multipurpose room...he was shopping and trying the various treats displayed so nicely on the storage shelves...i think he thought we had put in a pet food treat store just for him. i have to tell you that cuddles the poodle, despite his horrific name is one of the best dogs i have ever met and he and lexie joined us in the new room. cuddles is pretty lucky, it does not matter what we dress him in, it always looks great. today instead of a black dress, he looked stunning in a bright green, yellow and orange turtleneck. i wished i looked as good in the weird stuff i wear.



Melissa has good taste in cats, Sanjaya is a very handsome little man. Give Missy a kiss for me, a miss kiss. She likes those. Maybe you should take some fashion tips from the poodles? although it does take a special kind of person to pull off bright green, yellow and orange. Up with bright happy colors I say!