Rescue Journal

It only takes one miserable person to cause a lot of pain.

 ·  Feb. 4, 2008

Day 8 in Ridge Meadows Hospital for Chris. Anyone who has been a patient for any significant length of time knows that nurses run the show. They can be a patient's best allie or very worst nightmare. Today we dealt with the Freddie Krueger of the nursing profession.

Chris' pain is very hard to manage. It's a tight balance that all the great nurses she has had worked out with Chris and her doctor. That's one of the things good nurses do. This one didn't, and Chris suffered, a lot, because of it. We're not sure what the nurse's problems with Chris were, and frankly, I could care less. It was her job to provide care. She failed.

This nurse is very old school. That in and of itself is not the reason she caused Chris so much unnecessary pain today. She is bitter, angry, nasty and power hungry. That's why Chris endured 12 hours of hell today.

Oh, and to give us a final f*** you, she told us that dogs were not allowed on the ward, and ran to the Nursing Manager to make sure I didn't bring another one in. Every other nurse we've dealt with, and several patients as well, have been charmed by the dogs. No longer. Kirby came with me tonight, and he'll be the last one.

To say that I am angry is a gross understatement, and I have already begun the process of making my feelings clearly known to those in the hospital hierarchy who want to know these things. My letters of thanks make a very large pile, and the powers that be will also receive notice of our gratitude to the many wonderful, caring, compassionate nurses who have cared for and continue to care for Chris.

Being at the mercy of a merciless person, especially in a weakened state, is completely dehumanizing. Watching the person you love most in the world suffer for no apparent reason is heartbreaking.



And things are looking much better today......for Chris and for me ('cause when she stops hurting I stop hurting) :)


clarification folks...the above post was written by deb, chris's partner, not me. chris and deb are in charge of chris and her health care...i am just a friend. sorry for the confusion.


Carol, I'm sure you know all this from working in the field, but when I was a patient & getting the run around about my infant staying with me, I complained to the hospital administrators & the patient ombudsman. Luckily I was well enough to wheel myself over to one of those white phones in the hallways & I just demanded to speak with an administrator about the quality of care. Outlined my wishes & presto, within a couple hours, all of a sudden all the things I was told could not happen, DID. My requests weren't unreasonable & of course, neither is Chris's pain management. Those were the magic words: administrator, ombudsman, complaint. Keep writing, calling & documenting. Apart from the hospital, I'd go to the crnbc.
Good for you for being there for Chris - imagine what it must be like for the patients who have no family or friends nearby, or whose family & friends don't know how to make things better.....Nurses like that just have to get out of the profession.


Hi C.....Just send the nurse pink hearts......with love, it works for dogs*** :) *** I'm sure you must know the wounds in this nurse are deep.....give her the opportunity to feel the love once more Carol, cause that's who you really are.


ah deb...i am so sorry chris had such a difficult day yesterday, i will try to pop in and see her today.