Rescue Journal

music in the night

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2008

nicole and i have this thing going cuz i want her to tape the incredible sounds of sweet pea and put them on the blog. nicole gets to hear them when she calls me at night, and she absolutely refuses to indulge me cuz she says sweet pea's noise is quite disgusting. any way i will have to leave it to your imagination of how she actually sounds, but....

OMG!! pugsy is even worse. i am not talking about the snuffling, snoring, gasping sounds of a normal fat little pug...pugsy goes way beyond even that...pugsy adds these snarking, snarling, possessed of demons like noises that make you look at her and think "WTF?"

so there i am trying to go to sleep last night, and i was on the really early shift today too...and there is this 2 dog symphony of sounds like something from a scary movie, less than an inch away.

quite frankly i was afraid to turn on the light so i turned over and put my head under the pillow and pretended that what i was hearing, was just a part of some weird and funky bad dream.

can we tape pugsy nicole???



There is nothing like a fluffy little pug Carol I totlly agree with you. They are amazing. I just have to look at my little Pedro and he makes me smile.


she has settled in great...typical pug (life is just a one long continuous fun adventure and she is the star)....she shared my dinner, slept on my lap while we watched tv...has taken over the bed, and can lick your face off in 3 seconds or less and really likes peak freen cookies alot. i wish all the animals were this easy...i love pugs. i was afraid that she wouldn't be like wilbur, but she is... (except she is much healthier)i don't miss him so much with her here. everyone should be pugged in the heart by one of these fat little bowls of happiness.


pugsy is a blind 10 yr old pet store puppy pug (insert puppy mill she looks quite old)...she is fat, she has red buggy eyes, makes gawd awful noises and is sweet as they come, i adore her already. her senior owner loved her dearly but could not manage her care anymore...she is good with everyone rae, cat, dog and people.
i have to get her eyes checked tho, i think she has glaucoma.


please don't encourage her. if anyone has called carol after 8pm they will hear the awful noises coming from Sweet Pea.
as for the video of the multipurpose room, it will have to wait until friday as i have a nuts busy week at school and i have to edit the video.
for the Ameri-Cat fans i also have video of them that i will put up this weekend too.
i have other good video too, but it's all being kept secret for the next wishes for whiskers fundraiser.


We need to get Potatoe Ed back & add him to the mix.... Do you wanna hear something reeeaaaallly scary?


Better than that: get the two of them together in one spot, get them going with the weird noises and videotape it. Then put it on youtube for all to enjoy. Ha!