Rescue Journal

a nice homecoming

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2008

phoebe is in a dusty rose knitted sweater dress with brown trim...she looks like she is dressed up in grandma's clothes.

the americats swarmed me for a group warm and fuzzy...oh how many cats can you kiss without moving an inch?

princess leia the warrior rabbit is somewhat settling down but she is still scent marking every square inch of her pen and making poor patches feel like a reluctant guest. they remind me of what the relationship would have been like if prince charming had actually ended up with one of the wicked step sisters instead of cinderella., eternity of "yes dear, no dear"

ellie came high speed squealing into the barn tonight, she does not like wet, sloppy snowfalls.

pugsy croons the very best welcome home songs.

clyde seriously needed a cuddle and so did cleo and cole.

and there are too many black cats here again. the light is burnt out in the laundry area...first hook decided to climb into the dryer and as i lifted him out i realized that it was actually bond and then when i went to kiss his head i discovered that i was kissing about mistaken identity!

american idol followed by another few episodes of the meerkats...good night all around plus i am going to have a steaming hot bath before they start!



Uh oh... you're getting more carrots.

I'll see if I have a video camera kicking around, but I don't think so. Maybe Nicole will have to break hers out for those performances.


oh...and apples and bananas yes thank you ....we still have tons of carrots tho.


hey you have a video camera? i want someone to record clyde being sweet and cute and loving so we can post it for rae(if he is being an ass, don't record him, she has already seen that)maybe we can record sweet pea's noises too if nicole isn't around to stop us!


Phoebe, sweet little Phoebe, in a dress. Hopefully she will still have it on when I see her tomorrow. I have trouble picturing her prancing around in a dress.


Hi Carol - Susan and I are coming out tomorrow ( Thursday ) provided the weather isn't too terrifying. Will bring usual assortment of apples and carrots and Fancy Feast, oh and some bananas too. I also have a couple of photos of Missy for you. I don't think they will make you sad.