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Boomer needs a home...

Sheila  ·  Feb. 7, 2008

Boomer has been with us for 4 months... and he is getting like zero enquiries. So I asked Nicole if I could post him on the SAINTS blog so that all those animal lovers who read Carol's blog and hear a little bit about Boomer may remember him when someone is asking for a nice young dog who is labrador/rottiweiler mix. That just also happens to black and has bit of white on his chest. Boomer is perfect except he thinks more than 3 people is a crowd and he likes to CHEW. If you know of anyone they can email me at

The following link is Boomer's petfinder page

I have tried to post more pictures of Boo Boo but they come out too large even though I have edited them on photobucket to be thumbnail they come out huge and then I have to shrink them down and then Boo looks distorted. So I will end this piece with my update of

Ten Things I love about Boomer...

  1. When sitting next to you Boomer, will out of the blue reach over and give you a couple of slurps with his tongue… just so you know he loves you.
  2. Boomer doesn’t bark in the house, the backyard or the car. He barks so infrequently that it is a shock when he does bark.
  3. The way Boomer presses, presses, presses his body up against the door when he sees you are going out and he wants to make sure you don’t forget him. (Okay so that isn’t a great quality but he sure looks CUTE when he is doing it)
  4. His ears are too little for his head (It’s a visual thing)
  5. When someone rings on the doorbell Boomer never feels the urge to rush to the door to see who it is so you never have to worry that when the door opens Boomer is going to pop out through the door. (Okay this is because Boomer is kind of shy and he hangs back when someone comes to the door but he sure looks cute ducking his head and peeping out at the visitor)
  6. Boomer expressive face… His eyes and his head tilting give us a multitude of expressions (Mostly cuteness overload)
  7. Boomer walks around the house with a ball in his mouth (Okay so that isn’t really a quality but he sure looks CUTE doing it)
  8. Boomer says hello to his older foster brother in the morning before he says hello to the humans. In our human terms it looks like Boomer idolizes his big brother and that sure is cute.
  9. Boomer did wonderful at his vet and groomer visits. Okay he once tried jumping out of the tub but considering he had never been bathed or groomed he did wonderfully. Boomer allowed the vet to take a needle stick it in him and draw blood – I’m not good at that so I was amazed at how stoic Boomer was. Okay they gave him some treats so he thought it was an okay thing.
  10. Boomer has the biggest most soulful eyes that make you go “AWWâ€



Boomer is beautiful. His eyes speak volumes. Sigh. I wish I lived closer.


Hello All...Today is the second day of the Chinese New year , believed to be the Birthday of all dogs...find a special way to treat your dogs today...put a crystal under the place they lay their head, give them an extra cookie, or kiss....this is one of the best ways to gather great energy to support our four legged friends... ( quote by Ellen Whitehurst)


sheila, you can email me the photos and i can put them up as people should see how cute his little ears look.
he is a doll. i really will invite myself over soon to visit him (and you of course, but mostly your dogs!)