Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2008

Aladdin is not well. he is probably dying. he has been sleeping alot lately and dropping weight. no sign of any URI or secondary infection, just a downward slide for a very sweet cat. i had him at the vets today, no infection, no masses...just a anemic and beginning to dehydrate cat, she thinks his FeLV has run it's course and this might be his end. she saw no reason to put him on antibiotics but suggested i run sc fluids twice a day and give him the concentrated vitamin B supplements and periactin to stimulate his eating. we will try to maintain him over the weekend and keep him comfortable while we give this a chance but if he is not better by monday, it may be time to help him to pass. i will send off a note to Best Friends tonight to update them on his condition.

hard to imagine these cats have only been here for less than 6 months. i am so attached to all of them in there because with them i find some peace. aladdin is a very dignified cat and he accepts my cuddling gracefully...he never purrs loud but there is alway a soft rumple deep in his chest when you hold him close in your arms. for some reason it bothers me that he may be the first to go but i guess it is because i see him as the monarch in there. royal and regal, and yet still so warm and close...he is a presence in his very own right.

aladdin i truly hope you are glad you came here and are content with where your life one day will end. i hope for a miracle and you will get better if only for a little more time.



Aladdin is truly a most beautiful cat...He has such a regal dignified look about him. He has ended up in such a wonderful space I am sure his passing will be so much easier for him being with you and the SAINTS. His family will miss him though.


Aladdin is in my thoughts tonight, as are you, Carol. The Americats have been on an incredible journey, and having this part of Aladdin's journey end at SAINTS, where he is loved, valued and understood, is a deeply appropriate thing. When it becomes time to let Aladdin's spirit be free, he will go surrounded by warmth and respect. All animals deserve that kind of passing.