Rescue Journal

updates on recent stuff.

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2008

aladdin, while he did lick at the food a couple of times today, is still critically ill.

pugsy has settled in very well. she completely flooded her bed yesterday and i am not sure what that is about. i will get her in for a vet check on friday..(day off 2)

darla has a mild temperature and is shivery tonight. i have her wrapped up in a warm fleece with the heater near by and am letting her have the middle dog room all to herself (tally is not amused.) i started her on antibiotics for a skin and probable bladder infection and she goes into the vet for bloodwork and full assessment on thursday...(day off 1)

princess leia, warrior rabbit, has finally quit warrioring with patches. now she is starting to bug her neighbors (muffin and thumper.) she is a busy little bunny out to dominate the world.

dexter really has no intention of dying. at his going away party, he discovered heaven. who knew that heaven existed in the multi-purpose room? now that he knows where it is located, he uses every opportunity to visit and shop the heavenly shelves to his hearts content. it is hard not to smile at his obvious enjoyment of his special discovery. enjoy dex, it is all for you.

percy is a bit of a nutbar recently...i suspect someone is getting a little too much grain. our obnoxious teenager is now on dietary restrictions and one can only hope he gets a little less happy and rambunctious soon.

jeanette's arthritis is bugging her lately, the pain meds are not working as well as they were. i think she needs winter to end so she can feel less stiff and sore.

edwina turned edwardo is once again edwina and i won't go into why. but that duck is now staying female because i am getting tired of changing her name.



Oh my dear Aladdin - I hope that this is not the end, but if it is I can't think of a better place to have spent your final months. You were the regal, dignified gentleman in the laundry room in Pahrump and it sounds like you stayed true to yourself as life suddenly got better for you. May God grant you whatever your wishes may be and if the Rainbow Bridge finds you sooner than later I hope that you will share your stories with my Puddy.

Carol, God bless you for all you have given Aladdin and the other animals at SAINTS as well. You are truly a godsend and an angel of mercy to them all. Thank you because I know that Aladdin and the other Americats are in the best of hands with you. Please give Aladdin a hug and a lap for me.

Angela from NY

way to go dex, talk about a warrior :) I checked out the videos you posted and did notice how great those shelves looked - and I love the cat cubbies as well, what a great idea.