Rescue Journal

aladdin's last journey

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2008

as we drove into maple ridge today, we had about 30 minutes to discuss what was coming up next. aladdin occasionally gave a quiet, singular, questioning meow and i struggled to explain.

i drove with my fingers thru the gate of his carrier so i could rub his head and i told him what he could expect when we reached his journeys end.

i also asked if ever in his long and difficult life, was there a time when he felt so happy and well loved that his life felt like a gift. this was really important to me that he had this time somewhere in his past. i know how much BF and saints loved and cared for him but i wanted him to have had much more than that.

i didn't get my answers, i don't know if he understood what i said. but aladdin's passing was utterly and completely peaceful, there was not a single moment when he was afraid.

and i hope he knew how important it was to me that he was happy he had come to saints before he passed away.

rest in peace aladdin, the king of cats.



I new very shortly after spending most of my time with the FELV cats in Pahrump that I was getting attached. One by one this merciless disease would take my little friends to the rainbow bridge. Aladdin was my quiet lovable giant that was just so cool of a cat. In another life without my other cats I would have be proud to be provide a home for this cat. Someday I will try to visit SAINTS and meet the woman with the huge heart that was with my little friend on his last day.. thank you


I'm so sorry Carol. A difficult thing to say good bye to such a special cat. Rest in Peace Aladdin


I am in tears. He looked so healthy and yet he is the first of the Americats to go. Will Aladdin be buried in Kanab? Thank you Carol and everyone else for taking such wonderful care of such a wonderful cat. Aladdin was the kind of cat that seemed more like a human and had an "old soul." Aladdin, I will miss you very much. Rest in peace.