Rescue Journal

the highs, the lows and the boringly inbetween

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2008

the lowest low would be the loss of aladdin today. those guys were all doing so well, i think i had deep down decided we beat their deadly disease. maybe we have beaten off the URI but FeLV will always eventually win and aladdin was our first casualty that i wasn't ready for. the next lowest part would be sweetpea's repeat seizure/stroke tonight. she has recovered already but this happening again so soon is not looking good at all.

still low on the totem pole but not heart wrenchingly sad was the utter mess i came home to tonight. garbage torn up, the house adrift in pee, every bed saturated, the water bowls empty and a mountain of laundry. now i know the bowls were full when i left and the beds were all fresh and clean so the little buggers went on a drinking binge and pissed on everything in sight while they were waiting for me to get home..

now in the boring range was the delivery finally of our long awaited sawdust. we still can't get shavings for the barn but the sawdust will help to cut down the costs of buying bales of shavings individually.

the possibly first step into the high range, was a very good call on our favorite raymond. we will have to see if this works out for him, it would be so great if he finally got a good home.

and the best thing about today, which is only in a trial stage, was sarah going out into foster care with hiedi and trevor tonight. i hope she can be a good girl and not bug trev or the new cat...if she can hold it together, she probably has herself a temporary home until she gets adopted.

ahhhh...freaking mountainous stinky laundry...this really and truly sucks big time. but it will suck worse if i don't get at it.



your right mo. she only snarled at trev once tonight and before that she even went up to him briefly.


Yea for Sarah.. I really hope this works , she is a cutie pie and Trev will win her over in his goofy aren't I cute attitude.


Well so far so good. sarah was calm and quiet on the car ride. She had a huge poop and pee when we got home then came inside to check it all out. she was very investigative and curious. She snarled at trev a couple of times but i think she is trainable. I gave her a good yank on her leash and said no-she seemed to understand. She is snuggled up asleep on the bed in the spare bedroom. It only took her a couple of tries to make it up. cat is not overly impressed but are cats ever? oh by the way she really likes my mom. I wonder if my mom reminds her of her owner. Sorry about Alladin-those cats ae truly amazing.


There's two feet of snow
Blanketing the Cariboo
Goats come when snow goes

Cariboo Haiku


when the hell
are you coming for your goats?
i will be dead from overwork
by spring.

carol hiaku

(and take a phoebe back home with you when you come too!)


Freaking mountainous
Stinky laundry...this really
truly sucks big time