Rescue Journal

one liners...i am too tired for more than that.

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2008

tyra's knee is hurting alot.

sweet pea is needy and vulnerable tonight.

pugsy thinks all life is a party.

and phoebe has terrible farts.

darla is settling in.

eddie and endora stole my milk.

cuddles (the poodle) is the worlds best cuddler but cuddles (the cat) is not.
and dexters tumour is bleeding again.

tiger lily is looking a bit chubby.

carly was pissed right off because someone took away her bed.

some animal literally pulled all my sheets off and wrecked my bed too.

there is still a ton of laundry, but not as much as last night.

and i thoroughly enjoyed a 2 hour american idol which i got to watch the last hour of.



she likes a bowl of dry to snack on and a small can at lunch. glad she is settling in and being good...way to go sarah!


sarah is doing well. no problems. trev, sarah and i even shared the couch today for a nap. she is however not eating very much if at all. i guess she does not like trevs food. or maybe she is just a little put off by the move. I will try scrambled egg tonight.