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still slogging away at the laundry

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2008

i want to get one more load in of the smaller fleeces and towels and then the big stuff like beds and quilts can wait til my days off.

i was talking to stan from TG today. his mom is not well. the flu, the stress of constant undermining, gossip and subterfuge is wearing her out.

funny how in rescue it is the human stuff that can knock us down. i have been giving alot of thought to this since my last poisonous pen pal wrote.

i have made a decision, life is just way too short to waste time and energy engaging in strife for absolutely no reason at all. we as rescuers have a responsibility to the animals in our care. and our responsibility is to keep doing our job as best as we can and let others do the same. it makes not a bit of difference if A likes B or C is utterly nasty to D. the animals don't care if E and F are ganging up on G.

K, L, M and O are free to sit as judge and jury if they want, we don't have to watch that show and if X,Y,Z decide to work together and then to bitterly split apart...the animals here don't really care.
human issues and human politics, human jockeying for position and dominence are not the problems for the animals here, they come to rescue to get away from all of that stressful stuff and really, so do i.
on a day that one of our saints dies, i am reminded of something i just keep forgetting, over and over is aladdin's daily life and the end of that life, which is my main concern here. the rest is just bullshit to fill in the time and flip out over occasionally, it is easier than doing hard work in the freaking wet snow and while a good flip out can clear out the arteries, less stress is probably safer.

i should have told all of this to stan today but i didn't think of it then...and he will read it tomorrow on the stan...tell yvette that life is too short to let someone steal even a second away. the dogs that you guys rescue are the only ones whose opinions matter and if they are saying you are doing a good job, then trust them as they always speak the truth.

i listened to my guys today...they say they are all happy...that means i can be happy too. it matters not that someone 50 or 500 miles away thinks they shouldn't be happy here or i shouldn't be either.
we can damn well be happy if we freaking damn well want to be.
ok..last load in, time to gather the bed crew and head off to bed. i am glad that i cleaned stuff up in my head now too. (hopefully i can keep it tidy in there...if i start slipping again, someone who loves me, please give me a boot in the ass.)



Carol, I've noticed that the most judgmental people on the planet are those who are most bitter, angry and filled with self-loathing. People who feel the need to be critical about things of which they know little or nothing, are generally trying to fill holes in their own souls. Humans are not born with compassion or empathy, they need to learn those vital feelings, and when they don't, and know they don't, they want to bring others down to their levels.

Please don't let hateful people get you down. The hate is not yours to own, it is not the kind of person you are, nor is it the kind of person you could ever become. You and Yvette and others who do the down and dirty rescue that nobody else has the strength or character or will to do should not have to deal with the garbage you do from naysayers and hate mongers. The fact that you do is a blight on rescue.

Stan~Turtle Gardens

Thanks carol The supportive thoughts are very much appreciated. Just like criticism I like to look where it's coming from. and coming from someone I respect as much as you it means alot.And yes your right I respect you so much because I have been to your house and seen how much your dogs love you. and yes we agree the animals don't lie. Stan

Eva Stock


I will give you a hug and a gentle comment and then remind you of all your successes and we will carry on with Saints and the happy blog!! the old one Eva.


i will definitely give you a boot in the ass (if not just to protect the precious blog and keep it happy)