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Nicole's 'deep' thoughts of the evening

Nicole  ·  Feb. 13, 2008

so i am having a sad night, i stupidly went and looked at the In Memory pages. every once in a while it hits me that Bill, Jazz, Moses, poopy bum Wee Hopeful Bug, 'cat on my head' Jacob and so many others are gone. Then i was really stupid and i clicked on Ozzie's page. man, that was a mistake. i miss that big dumb dog so much. and while i have another big dumb dog here, he's not Oz.
anyways, i was flipping through the website wondering how many 'adoptable' dogs we have at saints right now. you know the ones who aren't pallative. like Cleo, Mugsy, Carley, Cuddles, Maude, Molly, the list goes on. so many dogs at saints, so often passed over, because they are 'old'.
i mentioned Pugsy to a friend of mine who recently lost their dear pug. but it was too soon for her to even think about it, especially one who is already 10 as she couldn't handle another loss so soon.
that bothered me. what is everyone so afraid of? loving something that may leave you before you are ready to part. hmmm, i'm pretty sure that could affect many parts of life, senior dogs removed.
i get the not being ready for another dog. i was pretty much in shock for 2 months when george, my white shepherd passed. but i always feel personally slighted when people won't consider a senior. defensive of all the animals at saints that people don't see that they are as worthy of being loved. (i will take a brief moment to state the obvious: i am not saying that people should only adopt seniors, but just wondering what everyone is so afraid of). i am aware that i was very lucky to have found saints after george passed and even luckier to have found Ozzie and Honey who helped me realize how wonderful they were 'despite' their age.
Honey peepeepants came into saints 2 years ago at the age of 13. she's now 15 and is still snotting on me. i'm going to be wrecked when she passes, but oh my goodness, i couldn't even think about not adopting her to save myself from pain. yes, i still get worked up when thinking about Oz, but that's only because she was something worth missing.
anyways, me and my rambling deep thoughts are going to bed.



tally-ho-braveheart is NOT a girlie name! and that collar is COOL!! it is a wide red leather piece of art with great big shiny metal stars. sheesh.


if you give a dog a girl's name, people are going to think he's a girl.
plus now he is wearing that starry red collar.
girl all over!


you are in good company...everyone here (even nicole!!) thinks tally is a poor, misunderstood mr. softie!


What?!! A gal? Yikes - no wonder she gave me foul look when I called her " Old Boy " !

Apologies Pugsy.


pugsy is a girl and i agree...i just adore her, so much fun and good natured high spirits in that chubby little body


Your guys are a bunch of fun screwballs. I love them. I especially love that new guy Pugsy. He's like a nice butterball turkey when you pick him up and he loved having his photo taken. If I could have a dog where I live, I'd dog-nap him.


so well said marisa. the sad thing is...we were all raised this way...with the advent of TV came the temptation of a different without moral obligation or responsibility. just the perpetual search for a less difficult and more fun filled life like those people have on tv. grannies of all species, human and animal don't fit the perfect, busy, trying to be happy, profile anymore.

i think these guys are kind of fun.(at least some of the time!)


I don't understand why people can't see we're all the same; humans, dogs, cats, pigs, cows. We will all be leaky and sick and crotchety and fall down stairs and start to break down someday...if we aren't already there.
Don't we all want to be cared for in our old age? Whether we need diapers? Or plastic sheets? Or hourly medications? We will ALL be there if we live our normal lifespans. So where is simple empathy?

And why, oh why, does the condition of a hardwood floor or a leather couch or a bed almost always warrant more concern than the animal who has peed on, pooed on or scratched it? Pee and poo are just food and water going out the other way. Deal with it. Wipe it up. Move on with your life. It is not the end of the world. But when these animals are turfed out or denied a home or rejected it IS the end of their world.

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

I agree as I have a plan in mind to move closer to town and I sure have no intention of giving my animals away, 3 rabbits and a cat til they leave this earth they are with me. I have to find a place where I can take them with me. I also feed Simon and no matter where I live I will feed him. He is the only one left of 15 on the road that I fed for 5 yrs. and now it has been 7 for him. He is awesome to have survived this long and I daily get worried if I don't see him His nieces in the bunny clinic are just as adorable as he is. That is Spiffy and Puff. I know that 2 of the rabbits that I have are my Grandsons and they are 5 this summer. No. 3 is white spot and he is at least 2. I rescued him on the prperty here and he was fixed by Saints and is my foster. Perm. that is. unless I become to ill to care for him and I can't see that happening! My cat will be 15 in Ma, I rescued her and another cat in Hope when they were little feral kittens. Whew that was fun. Smile. Handful, my other cat passed away 4 years ago, she had cancer. It weas so hard to deal with for all of us and Bandit too. I can never forget my animals either. Doing the charts on our wonderful Saints was certainly a trip down memory lane and I have only been around them since 2005, late in the year. It is far larger for you Carol. Bye for now . Eva


age is such a funny thing...look at stripe, at 21...she has already lived almost 2 full cat lifetimes...and bill at 17 lived at least one and a half.
but it is not just age, it is mostly the incontinence and medical issues that keep our guys here...they may pretend to have young bodies and hearts but their bladders and kidneys always give them away. they leak and they cost money both of which humans don't like.
we humans are certainly afraid of death, but we are more afraid of bodily waste and spending our money on something other than a big screen tv.
and that is my slightly jaded opinion, but then that is basically what i hear on the phone every single day.
old animals should have the good sense not to get sick or start to leak, then they could probably stay in there homes til they quietly, and suddenly.  without any fuss passed away in their sleep.