Rescue Journal

ten top reasons...

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2008

to rescue.

1.wrecked, broken , warped and pain in the ass animals are cute and kind of fun.

2. being a worn out washer woman with a bucket and a mop was your childhood dream.

3. to learn that old animals sometimes have a different kind of wet dream.

4. the discovery of rescue remedy (if it works on settling in freaked out cats, it might help with teenagers going thru puberty)

5. developing eagle eyesight and becoming a walking microscope for closely inspecting an innocent dogs poop.

6. the constant music of pitter pattering feet (following right behind you).

7. knowing every single local vet clinics phone number by heart.

8. and having them all know your phone number by heart too.

9. becoming a true master of the understatement (how many dogs (cats) do you have?...hmmm....20.)

10. developing a full appreciation for a truly twisted sense of humour.

ten top reasons not to rescue

1. headaches


3. hair floating in your tea

4. hysterical phone calls

5. hernias

6. loss of hearing

7. heartache

8. hate mail

9. hairballs (instead of chocolates) on your pillow at night.

10.planning, arranging, booking, transporting and paying for hundreds of hysterectomies (a trip would be more fun)



you are safe heidi...hysterical phones calls are the ones where the animal has to come here in the very next hour or the family will have no choice but to "put him/her down" even tho they do not really want to do it.


Hi All, Sarah is settling in quite nicely. She and Trev have an understanding of personal boundaries and if they are followed then all is ok. She is a funny little dog. She remains stiff if you pet her but likes being in the same general area as me. She tolerates being picked up to be carried upstairs (she gets quite panty going up and she is old ok) but do not try and wipe her face off. I picked up the pedigre and she ate a mouthful. Going in to the vets on sat at 230. Hope the hysterical phone calls didn't mean mine today.


This is lovely, and ever so appropriate.
I can offer the top two moments of last Sunday.
1) Observing Phoebe, yet again, bind herself in a blanket and stare at me with an expression that said: " What's wrong? I know exactly what I'm doing."
2) Watching teenage drama on The OC unfold with Darla at my side. It's her favourite.

Eva Stock

sHi Heidi;

I think that is wonderful that you took Sarah home. She has issues but she is really cute and company for Trevor. Good luck, I hope she settles in and you are able to keep her. Bye for now . Eva Great for Saints too.

Sorry that so many Americats are having a tough time, sure hope it picks up and they feel better right away Carol. Eva.


hi carol, thx for saving her! she is out in foster care for now (still to be decided if it is temporary til adoption or permanent foster care) she is happier and i get my laundry area back. heidi says she is doing quite well. fingers crossed that all continues to go well. (i am thinking once she settles we might want to look more closely at that ? mast cell growth on her leg, you know what a bag she can be and you like her still...guess who might be coming to see you? little cranky snow white!)

Carol S

I heard you placed Sarah today. Bless your heart. Keep me up to date to see if it will work. Let me know if I can do anymore to help her, give a free check up to the new home or something. Carol S.