Rescue Journal

slashercat millie update

Nicole  ·  Feb. 14, 2008

so i wanted to post this now, because millie is going in for a vet check tomorrow that could reveal some not fun problems and i didn't want to post being all sad. so here is her update.
I have Slashercat Millie (aka angry bathroom cat). three weeks ago when she stopped eating (2 weeks after she arrived at saints) i took her home as my foster to see if i could get her eating again.
she had a slight upper resp infection which is now cleared and she is back to being an eating machine. she is now my permanent foster. yay!
she reminds me (both in looks and behaviour) of my 18 year old cat, Candy, who passed away in November. she's one of those cats that is a sweet as ever one moment then attacking the next (nothing to vicious though), hence the name Slashercat Millie (a little bit cranky and a little bit sweet).
For the first week or so, she slept in the closet in a cat bed or under the sidetable, but now as soon as i get in bed she flies over meowing and walking over me. she has does this very weird thing of finding an arm and lying on it and that is how she chooses to fall asleep.
She has an amazing ability to turn invisible and hide in the house. She will disappear and I can't find her, but she will suddenly appear again on my bed, i have no idea where she goes as i look through every inch of every room and can't find her when she does it. so i am starting to train her to come to the sound of the temptations treat bag (as well as a funny noise i can't spell out) so i can stop freaking out thinking she got outside when i can't find her.
She likes to play and will pounce on anything that moves quickly (hands included) and she absolutely loves cat nip and temptation treats.
Anyways, she is a doll and i am so happy i took her home. while i don't appreciate having cat hair everywhere again, i am loving having a cat again.



I'm glad she has a great home. I knew she would come out of her shell and be a wonderful companion when she found a home of her own.


let me know how it goes tomorrow nicole..i hope it is nothing to worry about.
and heidi, let me know how sarah is too.
penny has been off for a couple of days...apparently she contracted kennel cough while in for her surgery...she really needed that!
so many sick fosters right now...but i just heard from true's foster mom and she is doing quite well at least. remind me to send you the pics nicole so you can add them to her page.


Ah the old Temptations trick - that has been the only sure-fire way of getting my cat out of hiding that I have ever found.
Congrats on making Slashercat Millie your permanent foster! What do Honey and Wesley think of her? Or perhaps, more to the point, what does she think of them?


She sounds like quite a girl there Nicole. I have yet to meet a cat that can't be at least a little tempted by temptaion treats or catnip. Oh boy! NIP FACED!!! Even if to just find them a mildly entertaining sniff. Nothing quite like little bits of nip in the sheets! Does she help with your homework?