Rescue Journal

a long, tough day

Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2008

saints welcomes:

squirt...a 4.5 yr old unsocialized, ex puppy mill breeder terrier/poo.

albert spice...a 14 yr old blind, deaf, toothless poodle.

smokey...a 10 yr old surrendered family cat whose owner died a couple of years ago and smokey has fallen on hard times recently.

they are all settling in pretty well, except albert...he has already taken over saints...cute dog.

darla had her vet check...awaitiing blood results...bad heart, bad skin and the rest to follow when results are in.

pugsy had her vet check and bloodwork too...she is pretty darn healthy but needs to lose some weight.

albus did not go to the vet for his repeat xrays. his breathing is slightly better today and i just could not stress him so severely again. i spoke with the vet on the phone and we decided to continue with both of the lasix and the antibiotics and keep our fingers crossed.

sweet pea is at the end now. i suspect the cancer has finally invaded her lungs. she is having difficulty breathing again tonight. i have upped her tramadol past the recommended dosage and just gave her a lasix sc injection to hopefully help with that. i will try to keep her comfortable tonight and tomorrow will probably have to let her go.



Welcome Squirt, Albert and Smokey. Thank-you Carol!

Sending lots of love and positive thoughts for Albus and Sweet Pea.