Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2008

as i am just finishing an afternoon shift and then am on the early morning shift tomorrow.

albus looks ok...he is up, his breathing is not too bad tonight.

darla's bloodwork is back...increased WBC (skin infection, all four feet), sl. anemia and everything else is normal...we are still looking into cushings disease and diabetes insipidous due to polydypsia and polyuria.

pugsy's bloodwork is back...increased WBC (dental disease with infection) all else is good.

sunrise doesn't look great tonight...will start him on ABX tomorrow.

cole is not great...he has diarrhea (and with his incontinence problems, this becomes a big issue)

no word yet from the family that met with raymond today...they had some other dogs to meet so i would think they are thinking hard tonight.

huge, giant thank you for all the help from all the great people today. the saints had a good day, lot's of great company.



Good to hear about Albus. Sad about Sunrise. These cats have been through so much. I wonder if they all contracted FeLV around the same time / while at FLOCK.

Fingers crossed for Raymond. I hope that everyone gets well quick. Thank you Carol, for everything!