Rescue Journal

it is just soooo easy

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2008

to be loved, hated, accepted, rejected, good, bad and ignored, all in the same day.

it all depends on where you are, and what you are doing and what you are doing to whom.

tyra, dexter and darla, think i am pretty cool. i just ate my dinner with them and of course i shared it with them too.

lexie, raymond, buddy, sissy, tiger lily and cuddles (the poodle) think i am A-OK cuz i shared my after dinner snack.

smokey thinks i am a jailor, even if i am not so very mean and bring her nice canned food. however, i am still keeping her in a cage which means i can't be good. sunrise knew he shouldn't have trusted me cuz i shoved pink crap down his throat and he is not making the same mistake twice....never trust a human.
ellie thinks i could move a bit more efficiently when getting her dinner ready and spritely thinks i am short tempered and impatient cuz i get mad when she tries to sneak in a snack in the other guys bowls on the way to her stall.

tunie thinks i am wonderful, i feed her first and she got apples and bananas and a special treat of bread and i sing to her too.

the ducks and the chickens thought i was very kind to bring them cheese bread... and maude, phoebe and clyde think i suck all around cuz i have not brought them anything yet.

cole thought i should have been here to protect him from getting wet (nicole gave him a bath while i was at work and he did not like that very much) so he thinks i suck at protecting my charges and i got a huge lecture from him.
tally thinks i am boring and not worth waking up for, andy thinks everyone should be warned that a certain human is walking thru their room.

it is no wonder i just do my own thing without worrying too much about how others might perceive it...i am considered to be so many different good and bad things depending on someone's point of view.

albert spice hasn't gotten anything good or bad from me yet, and he still seems to like me so i will go with his opinion because he has not developed a personal bias yet.



Darla is a love bug. Feed her and she will adore you! Thank you for putting her picture up!