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outsmarting cats.

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2008

i can be so tough and unbending and absolutely rigid in my convictions and actions when physical or emotional violence becomes an issue. but jeez i am an easy target when someone quietly, kindly, and politely takes over the world.( i pretty much don't notice, until it is too late)
do you know how many freaking cats are living in the freaking cat room? THREE (plus one stuck in a cage so she really doesn't count yet cuz she doesn't have the option to choose somewhere else.)

and where are all of the others? they are in or on my kitchen cupboards. they are hanging out on my bed or my animal free den. a whole god damn herd is trying to break into the bathroom every time i open the freaking door. they are sleeping on the laundry shelves or in my closet or where ever they want to be instead of in the cat room which is where they are supposed to be!

even dixie chick, stubborn feral who has hated me for almost six solid years is sleeping on my bed now. and she has the nerve to hiss at me when i am trying to get into my very own bed.
and what is the point of a cat room with a nice outside run with ramps and climbing shelves, if no one actually lives in it?

sneaky little bastards, taking over the rest of the house, one freaking cat at a time.
but i am thinking on this, and i think i now have a plan...i am moving my bed into here and making this my animal-free room...i bet the little brats start sneaking right back into here...just as soon as they think they are not welcome in here anymore. they will be compelled to exert every feline effort to try to re-take over the room they are no longer allowed in..... cuz that's just what cats do.



Here's a cheap n' easy scratch-proofing trick that works more often than not (there is simply no 100% with felines) :)

Get a roll of packing tape (those clear rolls that you would use to tape moving boxes closed with). Take a long piece and make a loop, sticky side out. Stick the loops along the sides, bottoms, or arms of the furniture where the cat is scratching. Cats hate the feel of anything stuck the pads of their paws and most will find elsewhere to sharpen their claws and/or stretch their backs.

This will work on fabric and carpet, but be careful with baseboards etc as some tape will peel the paint off.

Eva Stock

My cat;
Has the run of the house, wakes me up at 5to 7 a.m. to demand her breakfast then eats a little has an outdoor run then returns to have a long sleep in her wonderful bed that Carol gave her 2 years ago, which sits on my king size bed, one cat need lots of room you know. She also has a condo outside with entrance to it via a cat door which I installed in a board wedged in the kitchen window and secured it with silacone so no loss of heat, It has her 2nd litter box as she also has one indoors and a couple of good sized shelves across the end and across the front so she can rest in the shade in the summer and be protected from rain and snow in the winter. Sha also has a scratch post out there and one or 2 inside which she tends to ignore and use the arms of my couch and loveseat. Oh yes and that scratching the furniture just started recently and Bandit is almost 15. I couldn't believe it!! Eva


We have a cat room ??? That must be the room everyone calls the " little dog room " no wonder the cats decided to take over the rest of place Lol... there is nothing dumb about cats.


LOL - we only have 2 cats to your many Carol and they have there very own cat room which the dogs don't even get. It is the only room that is a dog free zone. They never want to be in their ever unless it is to eat or go potty and then it is out of there as fast as they can go - Carlton even jumps the gate.

Eva Stock

I do recall Carol mentioning the laundry shelf in her blog and i do remember a volunteer getting bit by your dear Phoebe for reaching in the laundry shelf to put laundry away. Just recently I recall the green ghoul episode too. Location, Carol's bed. So maybe Phoebe is really a cat. Smile. Bye for now, Eva. Oh and quite frequently Phoebe has to be requested to leave the lounge area too. Carol's zone.


I forgot to mention, cats are the best, with Phoebe running a very close second.


Yes and isn't that what makes us love cats so much. Regardless of what they do, right or wrong, they always manage to get what they want. Whether it's ownership of a bed that was once yours or a spot on the couch (which now belongs to them, covered in their blankets) you just can't say no.