Rescue Journal

sarah died today

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2008

she probably developed a mild pancreatitis and incidentally on xray today, they found her lungs were full of cancer. she was going to stay in on IV's overnight and see how she progressed. none of us were expecting her to crash so quickly but at 4:30 i got a weird feeling and called the vet to see if we should bring her back to saints so she could be monitered thru out the night. i couldn't get hold of her foster mom and didn't want to make a decision without talking to her. but just as i called the vet, the vet was calling me because sarah had started to seizure. i finally connected with heidi to let her know what was happening and went straight over to the clinic to hold sarah while she was euth'd.

i want to thank heidi with all of my heart for giving sarah a home for her last bit of her life.


Susan from Chicago

Enjoy the bridge Sarah until your loved ones see you again.


Miss Sarah first came into to my house bounding up the stairs not like the 14 year old that she was and soon took over my house and my heart. Her favourite place to sleep was on my couch on my favourite blanket. She also liked the bed in the spare room and cozied up to my stuff toy dog that I have had since I was born. She liked my mom, always greeting her and she even ran up to her and put her paws on her legs. Even in the short time she was here she left me with some funny and touching memories. Like the time she went out to pee with Trev and then lifted her leg to pee on the spot he had just marked. With only three legs and the one missing is his front one trev has difficulty marking areas as he bounces around on two legs. Trev was horrified and shocked. Another time she barged right past him in the doorway to the deck, ignoring her personal space boundries that she imposed, to come see me. Trev again was mortified and indignent. Sarah spent the last couple of days mostly sleeping and she liked the quietness of her room and her kennel. I will miss you Sarah but I am happy you are not suffering.


I am so very sorry for the loss of Sarah. I am sure that she was grateful for everything. How wonderful that she spent her last days in a loving and caring home. God Bless You and may He heal your pain.

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Sorry to hear about Sarah and wish the outcome could have been different. I was happy that Heidi took her home and I know she was. Sorry for your loss too heidi. Sleep well Sarah you were a very nice girl.


I am so sorry Carol and Heidi. I am so glad that Sarah had a little taste of heaven before her journey ended. Rest in little one!


I donated $10 to SAINTS today. I know it's not much. But I'll try to donate more often.