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puppy auctions

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2008

i got one of the Best Friends auto-emails today....this one had links to articles on their site regarding puppy mill auctions. man if i didn't do seniors and special needs, i would focus solely on puppy mill survivors...dogs like andy and squirt are just victims of human greed.

anyway, i only had time to read the first of the articles...rescue attends the auction and saves 100 dogs. if anyone has the time to post the link is an interesting and thought provoking i am provoked into thinking a trip to missouri is something i should one day do.




he is fine rae...messed up little guy but very sweet..i am going to be writing about him tonight.

Stan~Turtle Gardens

Ok let's go I will drive. Just give me a couple of years to get our place into shape first.If I can get it done in two years.hahahahahaha See you next week I hope Stan


Here it is..I also get the auto emails.