Rescue Journal

thx everyone

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2008

crappy day.

and as the day ends, a few other things.

jeanette is moving very slowly, i am watching her. but she enjoyed laying in the sun today and percy groomed her for quite a long while.

ellie had her first suppertime temper tantrum in several very long weeks. she is enjoying the warmer weather too and got a bit of a sunburn today.

the americats needed some extra cuddling, they mobbed me tonight. and it is no wonder, they know what death is and they witnessed the passing of one of their own today. sunshine looks much better tonight, it looks like the antibiotics are helping him.

maudie has been on me since i got home, she is pretty intuitive and i suspect she was worried cuz i was down. she was a great little worry wart when i had my broken ankle but since i recovered from that she hasn't been mothering me much...until tonight.

we have managed to rack up almost $6000 in vet bills since i paid them all off on december 31st...whats that? like $1000 a week? here is something i can worry on to take my mind off of other things.

frodo went with me to put the barn guys to bed. he let me walk point in front of him to make sure there weren't any dogs lurking around. i forgot how nice it is to have his company as i finish up the evening chores, maybe winter is waning and he will hang out with me more.

the sky when we were finished was that steel grey slate blue... same as the walls in the MP room...except minus the bright full moon.

so i have been thinking on squirt and how to help him join the real world. i want to help him find the tantalizing possibilities of working himself into a self-serving opportunist because that is what happy dogs do. right now he is completely passive...just laying and waiting and patiently accepting whatever you want to do, or whatever happens to come his way. he has no personality of his own and this is so completely wrong and unnatural that it scares the crap out of me.
and i need to make this perfectly clear here...because squirt is adorable and squirt is cute, and squirt is going to tug on a thousand heart strings...squirt is not going anywhere anytime soon. he is not ready for adoption, he is not ready for foster, and currently, he is not going to be turned over to another rescue...he is a permanent sanctuary animal here until i decide he is ready for something more.



Good for you Heidi, what about Molly she's a sweetheart? I bet she would fit in great with your crew. I would really like to foster Mrs. Pugsley she's a doll, what a face you just want to squosh it and cover it in kisses!!


I am going to foster another small dog and Carol has indicated Sparkles, Molly, and Tiger Lily as possibilities. Who do you think would be the best one for me to take home to live in my townhouse with Trev and Chloe (my cat)?


I hope Squirt is able to find the joy in being a dog. It's all about feeling safe and if anyone can help hin with that you can Carol. I'm glad he's staying with you at Saints!


Carol, you met our mosquito minpin, Nibs, when you were over to the old site quite some time ago. I suspect she is also a puppy mill "survivor." She has seizures (although it's been a while thank goodness). She was also crated at night and whenever the previous people went out. I realize crating, when used properly, is not necessarily a bad thing. Well, for Nibs it was and we think we know why she was crated a lot. She peed our bed several times. I realized this was unusual behaviour for a dog to pee where she sleeps so I took her to the vet. Turns out it was hormonal and now she takes a pill once a week and she no longer pees the bed. She was, still is, and always will be welcome in our bed where she snuggles under the cover against one of our bellies.

I'm telling you this because it took over a year for Nibs to feel safe to be herself knowing she would not be reprimanded, banished or punished. She is the biggest clown and now rules our roost, well, the human part anyways, most of our 5 cats are definatly higher than her in the pecking order though she would never admit that. The heart and spirit in Squirt will come out with time and patience which I know you have. But you already know this as you've done in time and again. You rock!