Rescue Journal

be good on your own or someone will make you.

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2008

like OH MY FREAKING GAWD!!!! exactly how many things do i have to worry on? i have this very long list inside my head of all the things i just don't do right. and i always have an excuse (like i am freaking busy) and i have all the best intentions to turn myself around and quit doing wrong things just as soon as i can.

but, i do have a lot on my plate and most times my list just sits there and i don't do anything to change.

until....someone takes the choice away from me and now i have to do right, not because it is right but because someone else is making me. shit! if i had taken care of this last week, i could have reached right on my own.

what am i blabbing about? recycling. we haven't been good green citizens at saints altho we kept meaning to eventually be. (we recycle SOME things but not everything)
so now i get a notice that the city of mission is fed up with lazy, planet killing sods like me. and we will now be paying a 50% surcharge on the entire dump load if we are caught with a single recyclable item in our trash.

well good for them for not putting up with my shit and forcing me now to do what i knew damn well i should be doing all along.

but holy crap, i have less than a month to set up a decent recycling system that works here and then i have to police and enforce the bloody thing. and then i have to load up separate blue bags and sort them at the city dump. i bet the dump runs just got a bit longer and never forget, we now will be washing and peeling off the labels of about 100 tin cans a week...oh well too bad.
i might just have to shoot myself but thank god i am finally going to die green.



It is easiet to set up different buckets for different items and then you just can toss into the appropriate spot. Ha sorry of course it wouldn't be as easy there with so many items to keep track of but once you have the buckets in place it does work. I got the big plastic buckets in different colours from Home Depot that are for gardening. Plastic into one, metal into another, paper, glass, cardboard etc. we don't need such a sophisticated system here for recyling pick up but it just keeps it sorted better. Oh I guess space for all this is an issue too?

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

I recycle everthing and I know how to recycle all paper and plastic etc. so don't panic as You do not have to remove the labels oof of tins and I can take the stuff to the recycle place and I already take the bottles etc. the depot. so then it si just a matter of fthe regular garbage. I'll talk to you tomorrow eve. when I stop by o.k. Bye for now. Eva.