Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2008

most of the day is a bit of a blur...i am just not feeling very great lately...nothing to worry about, just tired and woozy. (if i was tired and woozy cuz i had been into the boozy, well that might be a different thing)

but in the late afternoon as i was just feeding the frail guys, heidi came and told me that dexter was bleeding alot. i went to look at him and his tumour cavity was filled with blood and running right down his leg.

shit...4:15 on a saturday afternoon, in 45 minutes the clinics would be closed til monday. i made a snap decision, dex had a great day today. there was nothing wrong with ending a life on a great day, especially if tomorrow was going to suck. so we loaded him into the van and we took him down with heidi following behind in her car. i started to cry on the way down the hill cuz i knew dexter wasn't ready to quit yet. but i just kept thinking if he started to bleed out and the clinics were closed, we were going to be in a major crises. anyway, i tried to concentrate on every time i saw him happy today, and really it was quite alot.

dexter is not dead. the vet said it was ok, he wouldn't bleed out there because the major vessels were on the other side, running thru his groin. she said it could get messy but i don't care about that, and she said he had about a month left...because fly season is coming....ok, i know what that means.

anyway, dexter is sleeping right now in his favorite MP room, when he got home, he shopped all the shelves. heidi and i dressed his wound in case it starts bleeding again and hopefully i won't panic and try to send him off too early again either.

heidi said as soon as i went into the house to call the vet, dexter started to run after me and then trying to catch sight of me thru the windows. it was like he was saying, "hey wait, don't panic, i am ok, don't make that call!" ...actually he was saying..."oh hey! is it dinner time yet? are you going to get my food?

i have got to slow down and give him a chance to talk!



Dex, to me, is like Bill was before him....the face of SAINTS. If everyone in the world had the opportunity to meet Dexter, there would be no more broken, neglected, abandoned, sick dogs. How could even the hardest hearted human on earth look at Dexter's beautiful face and not feel the depth of his intelligence, love and loyalty?
Dex will leave a gigantic hole in the heart of SAINTS when he decides it's time to go. I don't think anyone can prepare for that moment.


hah! rudy's teeth are done...nicole and i did them yesterday. see ya tomorrow tho!

Eva Stock

Hi there;

I am so thankful that Dexter is so cool and such a strong dog. The tought of not seeing him at Saints is just a terrible thought. I hadn't read the blog x 2 days as I have been really busy and have a guest til tomorrow so I just about colapsed reading through it. Was not able to come to Saints as I had planned this am., but will be there with bells on tomorrow. Also will come on Sundays to the rabbit clinic to assist Tammy. Will come on your lunch time Carol, so we can do Rudy's teeth o.. Bye for now, Eva.


well he pulled the whole kit and kaboodle off during the night and i just finished mopping up a ton of blood in the dog room. luckily he is currently sleeping on the affected side so hopefully that will put some pressure on the bleeders so maybe it will slow down again for a bit.


Dex has nine lives! I swear!!. Dex was so funny running after Carol then pacing outside the kitchen window. At the vets he kept looking at the door. I am so glad the bleeding wasn't critical as he was just not ready to go but bleeding out is no way to die either. Given the choice I'm sure Dex would have gone with painless euth. at the vets. The vet has heard of saints and was pleased people were looking after the old ones. She also said everone should experience a lab older than ten. I agree. Labs rock. Dex was good while Carol and I put panties on him then Carol dressed the wound. I'm sure if Dex could talk he'd be saying "oh come on guys are you nuts! I'm not wearing panties". Dex then ate two cans of food, some treats and rummaged through the garbage. He then fell asleep on his bed in the MP room.


When I initially read the title of this blog, I was ridiculously worried. Though I still am, I'm glad that Dex was able to return home yesterday afternoon, and in true form, is still constantly looking for more and more food.

Angela from NY

oh my gosh, I just love him and its a reflection of your great descriptives and apparent love for him as well . I love visualizing him "shopping the shelves" Glad to hear it was just a close call :)