Rescue Journal

i like this nice weather.

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2008

and another good and sunny day.

mo brought me a beer, ellie drank it. just as well. it is not beer that i need but a super duper dose of pure energy.

sallyanne brought a ton of great donations, dex had fun sorting thru and picking his favorite treats. she also brought a couple of boxes of melba toasts...we will just say that it is apparently a universal treat...chickens, pigs, horses, cows and especially goats think melba toasts are the best thing around....i forgot to give some to carl and the sheep tho...ratz!!

squirt had some kind of mini mental meltdown today...i am not sure what was up with him...maybe he got too much attention. but he was upset and shivering and flipping out in his crate so i finally tucked him under my shirt til he calmed down. he is ok again, and rubbing against my hand, rolling over for tummy rubs and licking my fingers too. but i think i won't push him to come out and lay with me and watch tv tonight cuz i think he needs a bit of a we are back to just conversations and looking at each other periodically in non threatening/ no expectations comraderie until he settles out again.

i hope all of the puppy millers in the entire world get to spent eternity locked in dirty, lonely cages. incoming tomorrow...guess what?

a tiny crippled ancient poodle. sweet pea must have told her that there was a tiny poodle hole in my heart that is still short one poodle for filling.



Poor little Squirt, I wish he could talk and tell you what he needs. I totally agree with you Carol. There should be some type of payback for all those greedy people that make these dogs suffer in silence.