Rescue Journal

saints welcomes taffy

Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2008

and OMG...tiny, wrecked and adorable. she is just way too cute and sweet.

she has been with the same family all of her life but they are moving out of the area and have limited resources and taffy needs some major vet care. her leg was broken as a puppy when an ironing board fell on it...looks like it healed on it's own and really poorly too...she is very mobility challenged. her hair is quite sparse...looks like pippa did when she came in...i am assuming hypothyroid so we will get her in for bloodwork as soon as we can. she also has a very "humped" posture...not sure what that is all about...spinal deformity from compensating for the crippled leg? a ruptured disc? severe arthritis? chronic constipation? cancer of the bowel? oh gee, the possibilities are endless with stuff i haven't even thought of yet.

anyway, she is here. and she is our newest tiniest saint. everyone is going to love her...cuz all of us love all of our saints.


Eva Stock

Hi everybody;

I met Taffy and I'll tell you she is as sweet as taffy! You could carry her around in your pocket. She is absolutely adorable and her ears look like she could fly. I think Carol is right, I think Sweetpea sent her. She looks like an angel that could fly. Eva


Oh, I soooooo want to see a picture of your new little Taffy! I'll be watching for the little grandma poodle. :) CUTE is just not enough..... I bet she is going to share Carol's bed too!!!

Eva Stock

Taffy is a cute name and she sounds cute too. She'll be on the mend in no time. Saints does that for you. Will see her tomorrow and do her chart too. Sweet dreams in your new home tonight Taffy. So happy for Dex to have Cody to share the mp room with. Don't mess up my office you guys, Frodo already told me and I put his blanket back on my desk!! It was hilarious he howled really lodly and I turned on the lamp and found his blanket and he promptly started to purr and clean himself on it. Isn't that a riot? Night everyone. Eva.


Taffy, hmm.. is she perhaps a sort of apricotty brownish color?
Think of all the things you are learing about poodles!
are there perhaps wee little dolls clothes in Taffy's future? :)


Welcome Taffy. May you have a wonderful, long time at SAINTS. Please know that your family loved you so very much and that this was not an easy thing to do.