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Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2008

raymond is in for his surgery, he is having his anal glands excised tomorrow. i think he will feel like a whole new dog (after he recovers!)

smokey is at the vets...i just have a weird feeling about her...her appetite is not quite as keen, she is maybe a bit lethargic ...i don't know...sick? depressed? anyway, the vet called tonight and thinks it is well worth the effort to xray her lungs and is noisy, and the other is thickened...might as well have a look see just in case something is hiding around the corner. when she comes home, i have already decided that she is moving out to the MP room. it is too chaotic for her in here, she needs a more peaceful place to live. i talked to frodo about this...i think he will cooperate as long as i promise to move cody and dex out of there. they can still visit, but no more sleep overs for dogs in there. that is fair...thx frodo, smokey won't cramp your style.

shaw cable is coming tomorrow to do a film segment on saints. i will be up late tonight and early tomorrow to get everything done because the crew arrives at 10 am...holy crap! thank god, angelina and rene are here too.

one last new incoming...we are offering sanctuary to one of the senior sherriffs dogs from TG. this is one of the 50 sled dogs left chained to starve in the bush that TG stepped up to the plate and rescued. old mrs. johnny is not rehabbing well...maybe she is too old and too long isolated to fit in the real can come here where this world tries to fit her.

i have got to clean out the chicken coops on these 2 days off (ducks really are messy little beasts.) i was proactive and grabbed 400 pounds (sorry, i made a mistake, 8 bags is 400 not 800 pounds) of feed on the way home tonight so i can stock and clean up the feed areas..AND i better remember to order a load of hay tomorrow too!



Hellbound Phoebe is just fine where she is. She fits in perfectly at SAINTS.
Seriously Carol I've talked to you about trying to give Phoebe away.


Hi Carol, I would like to put on a garage sale for Saints, if that is ok with you? The Comunity centre in walnut grove rents parking spaces for a huge garage sale in the summer. This year is June 7th. All you have to do is lend me some Saints posters etc, collect and store some garage sale stuff for a while until I can pick it up (I have a big garage) and maybe lend me a table if possible. What do you think?


ahem, what exactly are you doing with a puppy from hell when you could have been doing that exact same something with edith's best dodge-dog buddy, hellhound phoebe?
i wonder if stan is going back your way?


Puppy from hell is actually adorable, I'd just forgotten what puppyhood is all about. It's Willis, who needs a new name. It sounds too much like Gillis, our oldest dog.


Good grief...what kind of hours does Stan keep? Karen is posting at 4:23 AM and the pup has been there an hour? Carol your hours look like they work with TGs.. here I am mad that I am awake at 6:30 AM.
I wonder which puppy from hell it is? Cute. Bless you Carol for taking in one of the Sherriff's dogs.


Beware the TG dogs...Stan just dropped off the puppy from hell, who has been here for less than an hour and has completely taken over the house! OMG he's cute though.


i am back to work on the weekend but hopefully will be able to pop home on my lunch break.


they are mostly good. sunrise weathered his cold and is better now. merlin has been doing great but he is starting to sneeze again. mosley is losing a bit of weight but still eating well. misfit, the rock, ronnie, sanjaya, charlie, red, and tiki are all (knock on wood) feeling good.
they all really like that the MP room is finished, they get visitors day and night now. this last week they had their windows wide open during the day and all of them enjoyed basking in the sunny warm air. i can't wait to be able to build them their outside porch area, i know they are just going to love it. they had roast chicken again late last week. and today angelina and rene fed them carylse tuna (that is for the sick cats who won;t eat anything else) they liked it alot...i guess i better put that on their treat menu now too!


Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. It is good that SAINTS is getting some exposure.

How are the Americats?

Good luck with everything - I am sure it will go well.