Rescue Journal

stepping up, stepping in...right up to your elbows

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2008

well we got thru the necessary steps today. tomorrow's include the regular stuff plus the dump run, paying some bills and stocking up on a few things.

raymond did well with his surgery and will be home tomorrow.

the shaw folks REALLY enjoyed their visit...they got 3 hours of filming in for a 2 1/2 minute segment. they said normally they don't film so much but there is just so many neat critters to film doing such great things. the animals had lots of fun and that was what really was important...they like being stars! (personally, i don't, so hopefully they can just cut out the interview parts and let viewers enjoy watching the animals have fun. i said they had enough film to do a documentary!

percy LOVES the camera...i don't know how many shots there were of him zeroing in on the camera...he slides on over, up goes his nose, and out comes his tongue to lick the lens. apparently the camera is his friend (or he thinks it tastes good) phoebe and tyra had a wrestling match over the plank in the pond, tyra got hurt yet again. gosh she just can't keep pretending she is invincible and young (and neither can i either!) ronnie demonstrated the flexibility of the acrobatic americats by climbing up the wire and hanging upside down. but he might not make the final cut cuz at his very cutest moment he decided the camera was not HIS friend and hissed and told it to go away! dexter and ellie were the featured animals today and both of them enjoyed being special except when they got bored and decided to wander to find something more interesting to eat reporters shoe laces or snack on a pile of horse poop. anyway they were great folks, the true animal respecting kind and loved our guys. it should air on shaw cable "express" tuesday march 12th.

i am a bit bagged, it has been a long day, i think i need a handful of tender loving poodle cuddles....i know a few who will be happy to indulge me tonight.



Sunday is my best day to come out and I know you will be working but I probably won't be there until late morning or lunchtime. Maybe I will catch you on your lunch. If not is there a place or person I can leave cheque(s) with?


i guess i should check the messages...maybe not tonight tho...don't want to hear about some poor old thing losing it's home.
the mail is fine now emma...i just make sure we pick up the mail early each day before the bad guys get out of bed!
but...a visit would be nice too.
nudge is a great girl and thank god she found you!


Sounds like you all had a good day and it was warm and sunny too (at least here in Vancouver it was!) I left you a voicemail asking if it is safe to send mail (a cheque in particular) again or shall i come out on the weekend to drop off?
PS Big Girl Nudge says Hi ( I love my Nudge!)