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Carol  ·  Feb. 29, 2008

puking. it hit me about 30 minutes ago and sitting with ones head hovering over the biffy is just asking to activate barf mode.

so...what is new?

raymond is home from the vets..he is sore but he is wagging his tail and happy to be home. no more surgeries for him. his blood pressure dropped and his oxygen saturation bottomed out and he will not be going under anaesthetic ever again.

percy was pissed cuz before the hay guy came, i tricked him to the other side of the gate. when he saw that beautiful, shiny red truck pull in thru the open gate, and he was unable to get to either one...he bawled his head off, not a happy little cow.

ellie was mad at bedtime tonight...i was a bit slow in dinner prep and her royal person was getting wet.

spritely took her opportunity for a beauty mud bath when i shut her and the others out of the upper areas with percy. she is literally covered head to toe and quite pleased with her new fashionable grunge look.

stan from TG joined tyra and lexie and i on our last vet run of today, they are both having arthritic issues and now have a treatment plan in place. sadly, old mrs johnny b. suffered a massive stroke and seizured on the ferry last night and she died in stan's arms before they reached the mainland. rest in peace sweetheart, i am sorry we never had a chance to meet. my condolences to all of TG.

i think that is most of the news from today...honestly, i feel so icky, i am not really sure.


Eva Stock

So sorry to hear about Mrs. J b . We were looking forward to meeting her.Maybe she was sick for awhile and hadn't shown symptoms yet. I am so glad that her best friend was there to comfort her. God bless Mrs,B. Eva.


i forgot to ask. don't roll your eyes at me! it is migraine day 1, brain has disengaged, it was a leap of brain activity just to figure out why he even had that incision in the first place.....i will call them tomorrow.


did they have a guess to what it was? i'm assuming they are sending it off?

poor boy - i will stop on my way out tomorrow and get him a cheeseburger.


when i picked up raymond tonight...he had this giant 5 inch incision with sutures on his side...i am looking at this and thinking...weird...they removed anal glands thru a flank incision...maybe they made a mistake? then i remembered that SMALL, INOCULOUS, TINY, LITTLE, growth on his side that you bugged me so relentlessly to get them to check...guess what nicole? they checked it...he looks like freaking frankenstien. you better bring him some liver brownies cuz i already told him that ow-ie is your fault.


yay for being sick with me - sorry you are puking though, i just have kleenex stuffed in my nose.
that is very sad about mrs. johnny b, but it is nice she passed with someone she knew.