Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Feb. 29, 2008

so i'm bored - home sick with a cold, drinking a hot toddy and watching hockey.
I searched the website stats:
Here are keyphrases used on search engines that brought people to the saints website.
there are a few that i couldn't retype here in order to keep our site PG. (be very concerned about the weirdos in society...)

-pee pants
-manure pile smoke
-setting an indoor picnic party
-cat butt stuck in fridge magnet
-all is well tonight
-raymond out of honey
-cat hasn t pooped
-definition of panda disability
-crippled dog sanctuaries
-dog wakes me at 3 a.m. to eat
-taco bedtime story
-the scary horse lady that lives in colton
-car urine in gyproc (I didn't know cars could pee??)
-coaxing cocker spaniels out from under houses
-how much does pippa the donkey weigh

and my two favourites:
-picture of distressed woman
-invisible poop



i wouldn't say distressed, frazzled maybe, befuddled likely, scattered definatly. but not distressed. Well on occassion perhaps...
Invisible poop???


i am slightly insulted (and worried) that the saints blog came up on a search for a picture of a distressed woman. is this supposed to tell me something?