Rescue Journal

saints welcomes Nola and big hopes going on here tonight

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2008

a lumpy senior border collie/shep? cross. a very nice girl. she is already mixed in with the big dog room guys and has had her first field run, tomorrow i will work with her meeting everyone else including the barn folks so she can come and go with all of us whenever she wants.

she sure loved the shelter staff so i know she will eventually love all of us too.

welcome nola, i hope you like it here.

the crippled clydesdale i have been trying to find a place for, got himself in a bit of a pickle today. apparently he fell down a slope and got caught upside down in a ditch. it required the spca and fire department to get him free. he has hurt himself even more than he was before but he is back up on his feet. the staff at the spca today were telling me about his rescue when i picked up nola...i said please tell me this is not such luck. anyway, there was a message for me when i got home. mikey has had a very tough day, i have decided to bring him here, his arthritis and mobility issues and the resulting cost of quatrisol/ accupuncture/supplements et el to manage him makes him a hopeless case. the vets will go see him tomorrow and we will work with them to get him fit for trailering, hopefully later this week.

ellie has already been moved out to the new barn. i just peeked in to check on her. she is laying straight and intently staring at her door so i am figuring she is a bit bewildered by the move tonight. she sleeps in there all day long anyway so she is quite comfortable in that stall and it will save her trying to get across the hard gravel when she is tired and sore and goes down to her knees. but i suspect she is wondering why she isn't going to bed in the other barn tonight. i hope she is ok with this move.

ok, enough stress for tonight, i am tired. tomorrow will take care of itself, but i hope tomorrow is a better day for poor mikey and he feels well enough to get here soon..



Welcome Nola & Mickey , we will love ! Carol how did elli Mae do in her new stall ? Also I think we should swap Sparkle stall with someone ... she is so messy & the mats in her stall have more seams , so all the yucky stuff gets crammed in there and it's hard to get it out.

Eva Stock

I believe that Nola and Mickey will both do fine at Saints. We will all see to it. Eva


i'm sorry carol, but yay yay yay. didn't cross my fingers for a second.