Rescue Journal

squirt is funny!

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2008

besides starting to be bad occasionally (which i have been wanting to see, cuz all normal happy dogs are sometimes bad)

he is funny too.

this morning he is the quicky and curious white ghost. he keeps zipping out for see which cat is climbing the gate and to hurry them up by barking at their butts, to see who is in that hallway food bowl and should they actually be eating there, to see if i am awake yet and putting albert back down on the floor so albert can come hang out in the den because he likes albert in the den with him.

he is a young, healthy, curious, active dog who is having trouble maintaining the..."i live in a safe open crate cuz i am scared" in a crate may be safe but it is freaking boring too.

i do think the coming out squirt may be a bit of a twit tho...he did not learn very good social skills while confined (firstly against his will in the puppy mill, and then by his own terror once he was rescued)

sigh, i suspect another pain in the ass dog is emerging...and the healing begins.

good, bad dog, squirt.

a double deep sigh...i think it is time to move copper into the back area. copper is saints expert normal dog socializor...he speed teaches happiness and troublemaking and good social skills is a three for one deal.

that fat little bugger is going to have a hay day once i let him in here.



Wooo-hooo way to go Copper, my favourite little woodelling beagle! You have a job to do, pal - show Squirt how to be a SAINT's dog (just don't teach him your infamous woodle!!!)


yeah squirt! yeah copper! does that mean copper can sleep with you too!! He'd like that he told me so last time I was there.