Rescue Journal

carrying on

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2008

i didn't sleep well last night. at first i could not stop missing tally and then i tried distracting myself with other things, like getting moving on the year end stuff and setting the date for the annual meeting, and what is the future for saints, and what is the future for me too. missing tally was more real.

squirt spent the night in my doorway in taffy's daytime bed.

i believe it will be a busy weekend in terms of least i think so. i really need to be marking this stuff down. to date i just tell folks when i am here and remember they are coming when they actually arrive. it is not a great system.

dex has started a slight left hind leg drag recently. mo and i decided that dex has no intention of packing it in...he gets whatever it is he wants, when ever and where ever he wants it...sounds like heaven to both of us. dex is no dummy.
so today begins the first day of trying to live without tally. i have said all along that he kept me soft, he stopped the hardness from invading me completely. maybe he can still do this from his place inside me. i hope so.

in any case...the saints go marching onwards and for now i manage the neccessities so they can march to their special drums so i better get my ass in gear on some of the year end neccessities.



Tally is with my Cody, and all of the pets that we have all lost over the years, and they are all happy and pain free.
They will always be with us in our hearts and in our memories.

Barbara DeMott

See you Sunday midday, Carol.
Looking forward to my first time at Saints.