Rescue Journal

thank you to everyone for their kindness and support with tally's passing.

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2008

lots of messages and phone calls, lots of warm hugs today...even my daughters are checking in on me. i am ok, i just wish he was still laying on the couch or the chair or the futon or being a noisy goof....tally had two speeds...lazy sod or excited gomer...i miss them both, i always will.
milly (aka unhappy bathroom slasher cat) now sweet foster friend to nicole (nicole currently has a black eye from her so i am not quite sure where the sweet part comes in) is cleared for surgery to remove her mammary tumours...the xrays for lung mets were negative.

pugsy is under going an emergency eye removal on monday. i think her eye pressure check last week reactivated a long term ulcerating cornea problem. the vet told me at the time she had alot of scarring from previous ulcers...well her eye started to drain again on thursday, by friday it had ulcerated and this morning it perforated. the vet said she will be much more comfortable and happier without that eye (she is completely blind anyway) and it is just too scarred up to even attempt to repair the cornea anymore. she is on antibiotics and pain meds until her surgery.

i had to bump nola out of her vet check to get pugsy in so will re-book nola's vet appointment for next weekend. nola has made a full transition into saints...she is clear for all animals, including the barn guys and really enjoys charging around the barns and fields.
why does molly wait until i have just finished mopping up all the accidents that happened while i was out in the barn before she decided to re-christen the floor? it is not all that helpful.

tammy bought phoebe a new t-shirt today, i like it says "i am on the list".... tammy innocently thinks this means phoebe is on some kind of popularity list ...she is not, she is on a different kind of list.



This is Pugsys family, and we are very sad to hear this news. We hope the surgery went well and that she is better. Hope to hear from u about her!


Phoebe is on the "different kind of list" that Jenny is on I think Carol! By the way I love the new photos on the "dogs" page. Taffys face is hilarious and I think I may be in love with Albert Spice.