Rescue Journal

can't get no satisfaction...

Nicole  ·  Mar. 9, 2008

my poor little Millie billie is in heat.
what's that you say, your 15 year old SAINTS foster cat is in heat? how is that possible? at 15 she should have been spayed long ago.
well, by some obvious human brain fart of her former owner, Millie was never spayed, which explains why she has some lovely mammary tumours.
Just a reminder to everyone out there that doesn't already know this:
Not spaying or neutering your animals is like giving them a non-refundable gift of mammary or testicular cancer.

I am not looking forward to the next 2 weeks, not only is her 'kitty mastectomy' surgery probably going to be postponed, but I have to listen to a meowing/yowling cat who keeps presenting herself to everything.
poor millie and poor me.
carol, i didn't sign up for this when i took her - i believe you now owe me a large hot chocolate with a lovely dose of baileys.


Eva Stock

Ooh that is not a great thing for you and Millie Nicole, And I whine because Bandit wakes me every a.m. between 5 and 7. She harrasses me non stop til I get up, I hope your 2 weeks goes fast!! Eva


hey i bet that cat is suddenly quite sweet and friendly... not so up tight and bitchy right probably won't get another black eye for a couple of weeks at least.

and i like that line... "not spaying or neutering your animals is like giving them a non-refundadable gift of mammary or testicular cancer"
we should make that into a poster!

the hot chocolate and baileys are free here but you have to make one for me too.