Rescue Journal

the mp room

Carol  ·  Mar. 9, 2008

we have a few more fans of the mp room...dex and fodo of course...cody who is refusing to move out of there...and today phebers, cole, cuddles, taffy, lexie, nola, mo's levi and roxie and sheila and leila's patrick and boomer. boomer was pretty darn funny. what, half a dozen times? open the door, he peeks in and bolts back to the car. then finally he starts howling "what are you guys doing in there anyway?" and he finally made it in the heaven, treats flying thru the air, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and more treats on every shelf.

boomer is a great dog and he is a smart dog, patrick is great and smart too...they didn't want to leave...who would? that room has gone to the dogs, it is a good room.
great company today...lana, lora, eva, mo, lynn, trina, sheila, leila, cathy and our new friend barb...the animals had a blast, i enjoyed myself too!



Sheila and I were discussing our visit today especially in regards to our foster dog, Boomer. Carol has a great set up there now with MP room, the fields around the pond and all the gates that can be opened or closed depending on which animals are out. I would highly encourage anyone who is fostering a dog who requires socializing with other dogs and people, to think about bringing your dog to SAINTS. Boomer is a little bit fearful of other dogs at 1st (he wants to run away from them hence his fear of coming into the MP room) and he also thinks more than 3 people is a crowd. Eventually, Boomer did come into the MP room when he figured out that was the only way he could be with Sheila, me and Patrick and met Nola, Lexie, Cuddles, Cole, Dexter, Cody and the dog who cries like a baby (sorry can't remember the little gaffer's name). He also met some pretty nice strangers. There are some really great SAINTS dogs that are good do be around for dogs like Boomer (even Cole is a great dog for others to be around as he has a lot to teach). You can do your socializing in small and controlled quantities and build up to more depending on how well the dog is doing. Boo Boo and Patrick had a good day.