Rescue Journal

an iffy day hopes to become a spiffy day

Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2008

the light up here is spectacular in the early morning and just at sundown. it is the open space directly around us and the perimeter mountain and very tall trees that capture the light in some kind of magical way.

some evenings there is a red or golden hue that just brushes all of the is like some busy fairy water brushed a color to make her picture more fairy like. and this morning we have heavy slate clouds broken with lighter marble like threads and the charcol colored trees are rising out of the mist.

sigh, i wish i was in to painting or photography but i only do what i am good at...i am better at mopping up pee.

i slept thru the entire night last night...this does not mean i didn't wake up a few times. it means i never once had to get out of bed and that in itself is a treat. i just made myself the perfect cup of tea which doesn't happen very often either. but you know the kind, the absolute perfect blend that settles so well deep inside you.

the roosters are crowing, the "not our dog" needs a walk...(i should just call her nod)...and mo is sleeping in today so i am on for feeding the barn guys, which i will do in a little while from now.

i have my day all planned out, i am cleaning out the feed room and getting back on top of some of the organizational things around water jugs and paper towels in all the rooms to make the late evening stuff easier. the counters are loaded again with stuff that shouldn't be there, and the MP room is looking a bit neglected and apparently i have to go poop and scoop the area in front of the big shop because on my walks with nod i noticed that it is a gross mess that shouldn't be. and if today goes really well, i might just get to my own personal laundry. i did get to change all the linens on my bed last night and that was another nice thing that i won't have to worry about today.

if it ends up being a decently nice day, i might even get to cleaning out the van. i need to find all the rest of the receipts and i know there is a stash buried in there somewhere.

so today is my "if" day and my day of simple pleasures, like a well made cup of tea and a magical morning light, lets hope it doesn't deteriorate too far from here.



LOVE the name Nod, Carol!!! "Not our dog" cracks me up. If the shelter with which I volunteer used that tactic with all their cats there'd be a WHOLE lot of Nocs wandering around. :-)