Rescue Journal

freaking eva man,

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2008

never let her rope you into doing stuff. she decided to go home and scour the phone book for any possible link to a very common name. detective eva is tracking down jesse's missing family.....we are looking for an Robert XXXX...SHE makes me phone an M. XXXX cuz maybe that is a woman and her husband might be named Robert. ok so she was half right, the husbands name was Robert but it was not the Robert we were looking for. but it was a couple who had just lost their very old dog and were deeply grieving and my call gave her a wild hope that their dog was magically alive even tho they saw him pass away. now this woman thinks this might be providence speaking and her heart is hurting at poor old jesse abandoned at the dump. and could i please call back and let them know whatever happens cuz maybe they need to come and see her.

it all sounds like a possible fairy tale ending except that jesse is not their sweet old dog who has passed away. jesse is NOD...not our dog, and not only cuz she belongs somewhere else, but also because she is an odd dog, and i don't pawn off odd dogs on unsuspecting, grieving people. both she and i want her to go home where she belongs and her oddness is hopefully well loved and understood (and they have a really great reason for not looking for, i am not sure what, but SOMETHING, anything.....maybe she was stolen a awhile ago and is now trying to find her way back home, or maybe they are on vacation and their doornob dog-sitter thinks the dog will come home on her own, maybe they moved to chilliwack and jesse got lost and confused and is making her way back to burnaby but they are looking for her in chilliwack, please let there be a decent reason.)

anyway, never let eva help you find a phone number, leave it to her to find a wrong phone number and turn it into the right number but for all the wrong reasons.

eva, put the phone book away!