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Not Our Dog.....

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2008

nod has a is jesse and she is 12 yrs old. we traced the tattoo to a clinic in burnaby but they haven't seen her or her family in more than 7 years. we can't find a listing for that name in mission but tomorrow i will try all the vets for that name and jesse's and see if anyone here ever saw her medically. she wants to go home. whenever we go for walks, she wants to keep going til she gets home. when we go in the car she is hopeful that i am taking her home. this dog is looking at me and telling me to find her home, i keep telling her i am working on it for goodness sake.

she was a hag at the vets and ended up muzzled and restrained. and that tumour on her side looks and feels cancerous according to colleen but at this point i am not doing anything until we are sure there is no hope of finding her home. i will start her on melixacam tho, i have held off and just had her on tramadol for pain control. but she needs the NSAID to reduce the inflammation in her hips so i talked to the vet and she thought that we could try it for a couple of days and see how she does and then do the bloodwork if she is staying and we are going to keep her on it for a long period of time.

darla has had no lasting effects from her small seizure/?stroke yesterday (that i forgot to mention) she was back out at the barn today and happy as a lark which is good cuz i have enough worries right now. angelina shaved down lexie today, and rene noticed that endora was having trouble peeing so she is at the vets overnight to see what is up. caro (aka jack) is at the vets too. his foster family have been dealing with colitis with him for the past year, he is now 16 yrs old. he is quite sick today and is staying in on fluids and waiting for bloodwork results. fingers are crossed that he will be ok, his foster family love him alot.

i had a few tears today when i picked up the mail. there was a thick envelope from a 6th grade class in Terrace BC. they had raised almost $400 for our sainted ones but it was their handwritten notes and the pictures they drew that touched me so deeply. everyone had a different favorite...buddy, sissy, spiff and puff, spritely, gideon, percy, packer, pleeze, ellie, and even frodo...that was the happy ending to this days story, that made today's blah go away.
the world is full of wonderful people, but it is even more full of wonderful children and that just makes my heart glad.



i know!
i thought about G rating the blog, and actually proof reading it too...but then there goes the real reality of rescue up here and it becomes just a politically correct, warm and fuzzy fantasy story that is just one more happy, nice but not so real diary about living life to the extreme....i think that is why we all sometimes feel we are not good enough cuz everyone else pretends they are so much better.
well i sometimes suck at alot of things, and the animals are not always all that great or nice either. and we all happen to be very great creatures here, even if a bit flawed....that is the truth in our world. god never did make anyone perfect, there is no challenge in that!
who said...say it like it is man...??? must have been an honest, irreverent old hippy.


Wow these children are so cool. How did they hear about you Carol. They must go through the site and read the blog. I hope they don't read the blog!!! Yikes, they will be learing poor spelling and grammer not to mention some profanities Sp ?

Eva Stock

Wow, I am so pleased as Terrace is my birth place and home town. They might even be some of my relatives as in great nieces. I still have a brother and sister there and several of their children. An uncle and cousins as in about 8 I think. Cool hey. Eva


Wow Carol, all the way from the North, that is so cool! can you tell which school it was? OH ,yea there is a parcel on it way to you, let me know if it arrives and if it arrived in one piece


That's really nice! just when you needed it too Carol.

By the way, I still have that huge dog cage here.. been trying to get out there, if anyone goes out there from North Van, maybe it could hitch a ride?



This sounds like the happy ending you didn't remember to the movie. Isn't life truly wonderful?!