Rescue Journal

a restless night?

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2008

i remember waking up a few times and literally being sand bagged into immobility by cuddles, clyde, pugsy, taffy, julie, bond, sunny, eddie and boo. it was somewhat painful just to shift a quarter of an inch or so to relieve my very sore little cramped up self.

i woke up this morning to freedom of movement, just taffy and pugsy, and boo on the bed (these were the ones actually sleeping on the safe left, lot's of room side of me)

clyde was on the floor, cuddles was in the laundry basket and the rest were no where to be seen.

how many animals did i launch off the bed in my sleep last night?

i hope no one got hurt.

ooops....the possibilities for guilt around here are endless.



Good morning Carol, I need to get your phone # but since I don't have it I'm trying this....I remember you had said you needed help to clean on Stat. Holidays..Lana and I are available this Good Friday if you need us. Let us know.