Rescue Journal

it is official

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2008

lexie has consented to legally adopt me (a semi-orphan since tally's passing). i have to have two dogs, two each for each side of my heart. tyra likes lexie, hook and julie like her and lexie decided i was hers the second she saw me, so now it is official...she may live in a homeless shelter with the rest of her odd family, but she is joining tyra, julie and hook as a full hine. she is no longer without a family. nicole, please remove her from the adoption pages, the rest of the world had almost 4 years to snap this incredible girl up and not a single application...their loss, my gain.

maude is a bit pissed over this...i might have to re-think my numbers.




i meant to say, yay for you and lexie! :-) couldn't be better for a sweeter girl!


i honestly considered copper, he has now been with me the longest but i couldn't do it, if he was my dog, i would kill him. i am only nice to him cuz he is not. i know what the "F" stands for and squirt is currently dealing other bad influences from albert, he is happy enough for now, we don't need copper's cheerful lunacy thrown into the mix yet.
and dex is dex, skinny, happy, tumour-ridden farm means keep on truckin with a big ole happy grin and a full belly too!


I think the ultimate adoption would be Copper F. Hines. That would be awesome. How come you havn't moved him yet to teach Squirt a thing or two about being a happy dog? How is Dex? Any guesses to what the f stands for?.


Yeah Carol. I think Lexie will be your new soft spot. Lexie is truly your dog-she loves you and you only. She tolerates the rest of us. I think Tally would approve!

Eva Stock

Hurah!! I love that dog and she deserves to be yours. You will make her life what it should be. I have work to do tomorrow but I will be there at some point to move her chart to where it belongs. I am so pleased Carol!! I know Maude would love to be there too as she adopted you since day one and has always hoped to be part of your family. Nos. can always be changed for the better. Eva


About time is all I can say. Lex has owned you for as long as I've known her. I've rarely seen a dog as bonded as she is to you.

Congratulations to both of you. :)


Way to go Lexie. She's a great choice. Although Maude would make a nice addition also. However you can never forget the ultimate addition to your family,
Phoebe J. Hine.