Rescue Journal

saints welcomes "jed"

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2008

we are full. we are not accepting any more animals...except starving bone racks with pus running out of their eyes and ears, rotting skin and matts as big as cats hanging from their butts, and rodent sized ones everywhere else. jed came in as a stray to the pound, ok, he was absolutely, putridly stinky and gross,...was... being the operative word. they called me, i went and got him and turned him over to angelina and i went back to work. he is now bathed (still smelly but not so bad), his eyes and ears are still purulent but at least it is new gross stuff, the old gross stuff has all been washed away. he is shaved, literally to the bone, cuz all he is, is skin and bone. i started him on 2 different ABX's, and pain meds, he has been washed with both anti fungal and antibacterial shampoo, he has had eye and ear meds put in and gee, we will actually feed him too. thank god the staff called cuz he is one step away from septic, the notes from the vet they took him to said his heart rate was 240! i am not too worried that he only spent an hour of his holding period in the pound (and most of that at the vets)...i dare any owner to even try to claim him....can we say "criminal charges?"
his temp. is down a bit. he has a brand new fleece lined golden mega size coat and a brand new black, red and golden collar to fit his VERY large neck cuz i bought him those on my way back home tonight. he still looks a mess, but he now looks like a well loved and pampered mess in very fine clothes.

jed is a newfie of undeterminate age, his teeth are all broken from chewing on another god damn freaking chain, his cornea's are scarred to cloudiness from long term untreated and infected entropian...he is in such horrid shape that he could be any age, adult or ancient, i just can't tell yet.

i will get him into our vet early next week for follow up, bloodwork and hopefully, maybe a neuter soon too?

glad you are here jed, and may whoever had you before, rot in hell.



I'm sooooooo glad Jed has found Carol's wonderful home! Wish I could have a word or two with the "supposed" owner. Like you said, may he rot in HELL!


I am glad he is feeling a bit better tonight. Hopefully he will feel even better when I am done with him tomorrow.



I just wanted to say first off, I totally understand where you guys are coming from wondering where all the newfie puppies came from. I just adopted one from the surrey spca. He's pure as far as I can tell, and 3 months, but a NEWFIE? Looks like there is a BYB on the loose.


AWESOME work you guys do, keep it up. There's not another person in the world who would take in pussy,matted,Senior, HUGE dog. Maybe in the world, but definitely NOT in BC


Kiefer wants you to know that SAINTS is Newfoundland heaven, Jed. In lieu of birthday gifts, Kiefer (who turns two today, the first day of spring)is going to sponsor Jed, to help him return to the glory that is his breed. Angelina described how badly neglected this poor boy God, it is to weep.

There is a Newfoundland X female puppy, 8 - 10 weeks old, at VAS, via CAC. She came in full of lice and mites and with filthy fur. What the hell is going on out there? Newfoundlands aren't normally dogs that come through the system.



i think i've fallen in love with this dog, and i haven't even seen him!


Oh Jed, I bet you never look back to where you came from. It's all sunshine and pizza from now on. Nurse Carol will make sure you get all that you need... including lots of love. Welcome to Saints Jed