Rescue Journal

days end

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2008

eva and i found a little barbacue place tonight for dinner...sorry percy but sometimes i just CRAVE red meat. i will never make it as a vegetaria so i just eat cookies most of the time instead. they are the very ultimate fast food...grab, eat and run. maybe one day i will fully get there, until then, mr christie and i will just have to put up with the lapses into "i suck." (in more ways than one)

when we got home, i fixed up inside and eva finished up the new charts and then we walked both jesse and jed together in the dark.. we just went to the end of the road but it was too far for jed (and not far enough for jess). i am not sure if it is his heart or his starvation (or a combo of both) but his activity tolerance is very poor. hopefully as he becomes healthier, he will become stronger too. maybe with pair walking jess, we will eventually get her at least in contact with supervision with some of the others. it would be nice if she could safely join us on the field runs. i think carly could now be out with me and a few select dogs and i want to start working on that a bit more too.

well.... i am on the early shift again tomorrow so i have to have the nightly accidents cleaned up in here and the barn guys fed and out and jesse walked, all by 06:45 am ...that will suck.

the americats are looking really good again. ronnie and the rock are the perpetual door greeters, the others join them on and off but those two are the most dedicated to their jobs. great cats, every single one, even sunrise is now mr. "pet me".... he is just more subtle than the others and sends out mental vibes to attract you to him. sweet boy.
i better fold another load of laundry and then bath and bed.