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Nicole  ·  Mar. 21, 2008


One of Jed's many attempts to have his way with Zoe:





sigh, my gut says she sucks with cats. i did not like the way she looked at frodo, nor the silent but deadly lip lift either. i don't trust her, he is not allowed near her.


The crippled old Mals here say I don't have time for any more lol! Coho is not doing so well right now either and I'm trying to get his old vet files so we can see his history....:(((n

BUT...we did just have an adopter offer to take in another oldie. (they had to put their old guy down) we had already found a foster for the 8 y/o gal. I just sent them your pic of Jesse. Would be an awesome retirement for her but long trip...they are in ONT.

Is she after the cats at all?...they have 2 cats :( I'll bug them about her :)


Poor Jed you could almost fit another dog in there with all that loose skin.


hah bev...i was trying to figure out if she was giant sib or mal before i started trying to suck you in for the wrong northern type. guess she is mal, whatcha up to lately anyway, any room at YOUR inn? you like old crippled mals, i know you do!


Nice Malamutt ya got there :)

She's not my dog either lol.

Where did ya find her? There is a lady who lives at the corner of Alan Lk off Sylvester Rd that is elderly and had 2 Mal mixes. (across from the fenced Lk property not on it, same rd as Minnies place)

I've not seen them in years and don't recall her name I just stopped there once cause my Dad was doing something for her.

Worth a shot anyway...if she was found in Mission.

Eva Stock

Thanks Nicole that is so great as the charts look and feel much more complete with the personalization of the photos. Thanks again. Eva


eva, i'll print them off and bring them out next weekend. if there are any others you are missing let me know and i'll print them aswell.


i am keeping him on the mixed kibble, it is good quality but it saves trying to switch him later.

what we do need tho is canned Recovery or AD to supplement him twice daily.
that was how we brought raymond back and fixed up the liver and kidney damage resulting from the starvation without over taxing them in the opposite direction.

there are very specific and complicated starvation diets but they are a pain in this kind of setting. this is my version (same principals) but less labour intensive and less changes for their digestive systems to adjust to long term.

so if you guys have any AD or Recovery kicking around, that would be great, it is expensive stuff and it will take a few months to get that 30 pounds back on him well.


Oh my gosh they are all so cute and loveable. Jesse looks a bit like my old mal Annie. I miss her so much. Jed is priceless. I see a bit of Tally in him. Maybe Tally sent him as a replacement for you. And Nola what a face. Jed has spikey hair on top of his head like Trev does.

Eva Stock

Hi Nicole;

I would love a picture of all those guys for their charts if you don't mind and it would be great to compare Jed down the road too. Thanks Eva.


Carol, if you need a specialized diet for Jed, and need a high quality kibble, I'm certain VAS would be happy to donate a bag or two. If you can tell me what you are thinking of feeding him, I'll talk to Nancy. I can bring it home on Sunday, and Angelina can bring it to you on Monday.

Poor, poor Jed. Somebody deserves to pay dearly for the abuse this dog has suffered.


my goodness, he IS missing a lot, isn't he?

well, a week or so with you, carol, and i'm sure he'll be well on the way to his proper state. he's halfway already with the shaves, baths, and medications. i love the look on zoe's face, LOL. "Uhhhh... yeah, i love you, but get outta there!"

jesse and nola have VERY beautiful faces.


everything on Jed is sagged down because of muscle and fat loss. His tougher elbow skin is about 2-3 inches lower on his arm from where is should be/was. as you can see on his front legs - it looks like he's wearing leg warmers, unfortunately it's baggy skin. he has a lot of weight/muscle to gain.


Welcome to all. Holy Cow Jed looks like he's got some Mastiff in him with those big jowls. What a character!!!