Rescue Journal

good morning

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2008

great photo's nicole!!!

i couldn't blog last night...i was trapped on the couch watching the world's worst movie (the last legion)

it was not just the usual assortment of poodles, maudie's, lexie's, tyra's, and clyde's. it was a certain little squirt who once he finished his usual darting and charging around, jumped up stretched out next to me without an invitation, just like everyone else. sometimes i ignored him, sometimes i stroked him or kissed his little head and he politely kissed me back.

but i wasn't getting up to switch the movie cuz this was a break thru moment for squirt. he came for his good morning kiss with all of the others this morning so squirt is well on his way. soon he will like everyone else that comes here too. he is socializing up well, i am pretty darn pleased.

i am on afternoon shift today, so i better move my butt and get the work done here so i can go work somewhere else.

it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day today.



Yeah for Squirt. How wonderful it must be for him to finally feel safe enough to let his guard down and join the gang in "Movie Night" Way to go Carol!!!!