Rescue Journal

migraine day 1

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2008

grrrhh. i laid down on the couch in the MP room while eva added stuff to the charts and then she helped me put the barn guys to bed, i really appreciated the help and now my headache is a little bit better. thx eva!

mo came for a quick visit this morning, she gave a tour to one of her friends and her daughter. the dogs are always so happy to see her unexpectedly, it makes them feel like it is still the weekend. zoe came with tim bits...that made all of their day!
poor pam and her mom came out to bring our new naked and crippled chicken. i was just running jed and pugsley to the vets and couldn't stay so she had to give her mom the tour on her own. sorry pam, it really wasn't your timing that sucked, i forgot to tell you i had vet time i want a chance to catch up with you on stuff!

pugsy is fully recovered from her eye surgery. jed is a broken heart waiting to happen. the vet said no surgery, she took one listen to his heart and said "i am not neutering him" which means she is not fixing his eyes or removing his abcessed teeth, or flushing out his putrid rotting ears either. sooo...long term antibiotics (want to know how much it costs to feed a giant dog 300 mg of baytril daily long term?..well i don't know cuz i am not asking, my head already hurts) plus tobramycin eye drops (expensive) and long term ottomax too...he is a giant expensive dead dog walking. oh well as long as he feels good and is happy til he keels over. which by the way is probably what will all volunteers be prepared. if jed suddenly keels over without warning and dies, don't panic...this is what we expect to happen...his heart is just that bad. anyway, he weighed in at a whopping 128 pounds, he is still 30 pounds underweight. so if we can get that much needed weight back on him, he is going to be a very big boy. maybe his heart will get better if he isn't so starved.

saints welcomes Aurora...our new lovely naked, crippled chicken, thx to pam for the ride out and all of CAS for saving her. she has moved in with rusty, helga and edwina and after a bit of a rocky start, it looks like everyone is now ok with this. i will check just to make sure she goes to roost with them and if she does, i think the family match is well made.

taffy and albert spice are adopted. they will be moving into their new, very great home next weekend. yay!

trina is back, yay! she will whip us back into organized shape pretty darn quick. angelina and rene got all the little guys bathed today so tomorrow is advantage day. no point in advantaging them and then giving them baths, that defeats the purpose.

cathy came and groomed all the farm guys, even percy and jeanette are looking pretty shiny and spiffy today! karen made some more dog bed pads, some of them are just too cute. and tammy ran phoebe and jesse and helped me lift the giant oaf in and out of the van for the vet run plus cleaned up those bunnies til they squeaked again today.

i may have a headache but it was a very good day today!



Yes, I was quite taken with him. I am happy that he found some people that will love him for all that he is!


Is that little Albert that got adopted? The little poodly cuddly goodness that I got to hang out with when I was there? That is very exciting!