Rescue Journal

migraine, day 2?...not yet!

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2008

i slept from 8 pm til 6 am and am so far headache free...hope it continues!

i did however not get thru the pile of laundry last night so that sucks. oh well, it is not like it is going anywhere, unfortunately.

squirt slept on my hip for several hours til i finally made my way to my actual bed, break thru day 2. he is so cute.

he is quickly learning from all of the others how to play musical chairs, i apparently am the chair.

i figured out last night that so far this year, we have spent more than $10,000 in vet wonder i get headaches. this would be when the advocates for "how many healthy animals could you have saved with that same amount of money" would be having a hay day. my answer would be..."i don't know cuz we don;t have any healthy animals to compare it to, we just have the old wrecked ones that no one else wanted" ....i hate that conversation, how can you possibly argue logic when logic doesn't live here?...jed lives here instead.
last day off, lot's to do. i am not thru my day off to-do list yet...fingers crossed i for once, get it all done.

wish me luck.



500 dogs is a lot of dogs, but this is not a numbers game.It's people like those you describe who make rescue necessary. After the $200 for the dog's Vet bills is spent, what next? There are no hard and fast rules in rescue, because nobody can place monetary value on the life of an animal. How much is Dexter's life worth? Or Spritely's? Or Ellie Mae's? If my Kirby were to get sick, I would sell everything I own to pay the bills to make him well. The difference, of course, is that SAINTS has a whole lot of animals to care for, and most of them have some serious medical issues. Some of them because a $100 limit for Vet costs for a cat almost guarantees a cat who gets very sick as it ages.


it is actually not rescuers that have this conversation with me, it is mostly joe public. i have had people tell me that they limit what they will spend on a vet bill on their personal pets,,,$100 for a cat...$200 for a dog...nothing for a hamster. and while they understand the need and concept of them it makes more sense to get the most bang for your buck...if you are going to insist on spending $10000 on vet bills... why not help 500 dogs instead of just a few...500 is alot of dogs.

Eva Stock

Every animal that has been assisted by the vets has warranted and deserved the treatment they recieved. The love they give us is priceless. Their tolerance of one another, especially when most of them come from one animal homes make them remarkable to me. I love them all! Never stop the good work til it is time Carol. And you too Deb. Thanks for all you give us. The volunteers. We have a lot of fun, as well as work. Where would we get to see so many great animals in one place? Heaven? Eva.


People who say "you could have helped blah blah blah numbers of animals with $10 000" obviously don't understand rescue. Do they think younger dogs who need medical attention are more worthy than older dogs, or that the costs involved in providing Vet care to younger dogs is less? In all breed rescue, you take what's thrown at you, or dumped at your doorstep, or tied to your fence, or abandoned at your Vet's office. Your promise to them is to do whatever you can, so that's what you do.
You haven't stolen funds from other rescues to get the SAINTS the medical help they so desperately require, and you don't play God, you let them go when they say it's time. Where is the problem in that?
People (especially rescuers) who want to question your choices about medical intervention need to stop for a moment, look in the mirror and say SAINTS isn't doing too much, but I may be doing too little.


10,000 so far on vet bills.
Get ready.
We are going to blast that amount out of the water at the fundraiser. Just watch!


don't walk jed, he might have a heart attack. and if you walk jesse, keep her well away from your sweet ones, she might eat one of them...i am not sure, but she might.
i will see you on my lunch break, thx guys!

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
Marie and I are headed your way tomorrow - around 10:30 am. If we can help Trina or you have anything special please leave us a note. Also we can walk whoever will walk with whoever!!

Take care