Rescue Journal

it's my monday morning

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2008

bleck...big freaking wet soggy snow flakes are making the mud between me and the barn, slippery and slimey. just this one day shift, then 4 afternoons...afternoon shift makes cleaning the barn easier.

i have decided that squirt might be the reincarnation of my beloved stanley. i had stanley for 16 years before he died. squirt charges around like a maniac which stanley did when he was young. stanley was my lap buddy and squirt is becoming that now too. stanley loved me above all others and squirt is well on his way. they even look similar. i will have to try giving squirt a sock toy...stanley's absolute favorite. he is turning into a good dog. now if i can just get him not to be terrified of the rest of the world, he will be the world's most perfect dog, just like stanley was.

sooo, back to work today. the bad news is, i am taking this headache with me. the good news is once back to work, self indulgent introspection has no place in my very busy days.

i hope jesse did not have a ton of loose poop this morning, i better go walk her before i leave.



That squirt is absolutely adorable! I'm glad to hear he is starting to feel like "family" there and becoming your very own lapdog :)