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screw down and dirty rescue

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2008

i want to go HOLLYWOOD!

i can just see it, the dogs and me getting poofed side by side at our own personal groomers. they can have gucci collars and i can have a little purse to carry their poop bags to match. we can drive around in nice clean, shiny SUV's with a chauffer so i can once again cross the pitt river bridge without getting lost. we can have photo shoots and press conferences and become front cover shots for peoples (and pets) magazine. we can have PR people so everyone will like us and lawyers to sue the ones who don't (and are silly enough to say it). we can all be on the 10 best dressed (and poofed) lists and appear on jay leno and the today show. money will never be an issue and we can hire a chef so all of us eat well and healthy and i will never have to peer in my fridge longingly again.

i really want the chef.
now that was the dream i should have been dreaming...i wonder if it is too late.



Sorry to post direct to Eva here but can't see her email in her posts...anyway...

Re: your bear issue some things that may help

-an electric fence is generally highly effective

-NOISE...hang pie plates / wind chimes

-Human & dog hair

-10% ammonia solution sprayed around

-Urine lol and apparently has to be male human urine. So if ya have a man around perhaps if they can get in touch with nature for a while?

-Paintball gun

-Ultimately if there is food to be had and they want it they will keep coming.

If you call the Conservation office they will sometimes bring in a bear trap and relocate the bear.

Eva Stock

How about rescuing a bear bfore I shoot him? I decided to protect my feeders and bird food, as it is so expensive now I would take them in at night so the big creep could not get them. Well guess what! When I went out at 10:45 he had already been here and killed them all. All the sunflower seed s were gone the feeders were scattered everywhere, even a cement statue was knocked over and it weighs a ton!! Thank goodness he did not break my pagoda feeder as it is so cool. He managed to get every sunflower seed out of it though by tipping it I guess. What a creep hey. I am amazed it is almost as if he realizes I am hard of hearing. And that the old folks live here. That really makes me mad. Beware neighbours, please be careful Carol if you are walking Jessie later that nine. Eva.


Oprah Winfrey is looking for rescue stories.....I know how much you love Queen O.
Maybe you could take a limousine full of leaky, wrecked dogs to Harpo studios. Tom Cruise jumped the couch, I wonder what the crippled crew could do....:)