Rescue Journal

i was wondering if rescuing crows brings good luck?

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2008

i rescued one a couple of weeks ago who managed to get caught in the chicken area. and last night i rescued a dumbo one who fell down between the wire of a double wired fence. there are now 4 crows hanging out here at meal times each day to clean up the leftovers from the barn guys feed bowls.

crows probably aren't lucky tho cuz i think they have pretty tough lives which is why they are such tough birds. survivors of the hard life.

i was also wondering if my ankle can handle me picking up extra 12 hour shifts at the hospital again on top of the other things i need it to handle around here. i really am missing the extra income, esp. when things get tight around here. i guess i won't know til i try it...i better pick some of my available days off and give it a shot. i used to work both fulltime and part time jobs til i broke the ankle, i should be able to do it again, i think.

maybe the crows will not bring me luck but share some of their toughness in survival instead. that would be ok too.



Crows (and their cousins the Ravens) have been considered a very good omen among many First Nations tribes, as well as among the ancient Celts, and in some Scandanavian and Asian legends.

When I lived in the Northwest Territories, a person was considered very, very fortunate indeed if the crows and ravens gathered around their property. (though Raven is als "The Trickster" and would get into lots of mischief!)

They represent the principle of creation, they are sometimes considered divine or a messenger from the Creator. I think in one legend they are responsible for maintaining orderliness, keeping the world from chaos - if that's true, could you send a couple of them over to my place?????

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

We have a family of ravens who have lived here for 11 years! They clean up leftover dog food and keep hawks and eagles away. I think they are good luck - an eagle tried to grab a small pup in the yard 7 years ago - good thing he was wearing a coat! The raven and my chessie saved him. Crows are very smart - my son had a pet crow for years! Don't overwork yourself - things have a way of working out for the puppers.