Rescue Journal

i wonder if karen is reconsidering the advisability of adopting our not so saintly goats????

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2008

my back is wrecked from sleeping on the floor with lex last night. now that i know she is only temporarily incapacitated, i feel no need to join her again tonight. i am too old and wrecked myself for floor sleeping anymore, next purchase when we have a bit of extra cash is a little flat folding camp cot so i can park myself next to whomever needs parking next to.

my last bright idea was to use one of the big water troughs to feed hay to the barn guys. this was supposed to cut down on the messy spillage and waste. what ended up happening was a slide show in selfishness and ingenuity. first ellie-mae decided that if she stood with all four feet in the trough, she could get all the best hay, she took up the entire feed bin and effectively and passively blocked all possible interference..... percy, jeanette, 2 goats and a couple of sheep all stood by patiently waiting for her to leave. when she was done, pete decided that if he stood in the new feed trough, he also could eat undisturbed, except 2 cows, one goat and a couple of sheep all decided that they could easily snack right around him and they did. edith decided that pete was a dolt and wasting a perfect opportunity so she barrelled into the middle of the trough and head butted him in the knee and he left. there she stood with her head pointed downwards and horns at the ready, fully poised to knock the crap out of anyone who tried to close in. she is a very smart goat.

my nursing buddy and her daughter who came for a tour early in the week loved the place. she told me her favorite moment was when i spied edith stalking cody and yelled..."RUN CODY! GOAT!!!" and cody without a second thought got up and ran. cody is also a very smart girl, not only does she know her name but she understands 2 very important english and goat.

lexie is very cute and pathetic tonight. and washington who has been quite ill for the past couple of days is very much better. here is hoping for a quiet and event free weekend.



0h good, everyone who doesn't know you is worried that i scared you off by reporting on her antics....i think you will enjoy the little witch as much as i do! she is pretty damn funny.


Wait till Edith tries to take on Rupert...that should be entertaining. We still have over a foot of snow on the chance of building goat housing just yet.


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